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Leveraging MLOps on AWS

Virtusa helps fintech firm scale AI/ML solutions on AWS with MLOps.

The Challenge

The client, a leading fintech company, faced challenges with manual and disconnected solutions that impeded the automation and scalability of their AI/ML initiatives. Additionally, their existing MLOps practices could have been more optimal, hindering the efficiency and cost of operations. The client also needed to deploy the production of a robust NLP summarization solution.

The Solution

The client recruited Virtusa to scale their AI/ML solutions to AWS using MLOps techniques.

Virtusa delivered the following enhancements: 

  • Established a base framework for NLP solutions, incorporating MLOps practices.
  • Implemented a MLOps solution spanning the entire lifecycle of the respective NLP solutions. 
  • Customized the foundational framework to support an NLP summarization solution with reusability as a function. 
  • Automated the production workflow. 
  • Integrated the ML pipeline tools with deployment and monitoring tools to create an end-to-end ML and Ops pipeline.
Leveraging MLOps on AWS
The Benefit

The client achieved significant process improvements after deployment and reduced several overhead challenges. 

Benefits include:

  • Reduced development time by 40%
  • Reduced deployment by 50%
  • Considerably reduced integration and testing efforts
  • Improved repeatability, reproducibility, and predictability
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