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Leading Telco Gains 40% Savings with Next-gen Contact Center Transformation Servicing 3000+ Agents

Customer conversations from contact centers unlock actionable insights into customer sentiments. For a leading UK-based telecom provider, the unprecedented growth in call volumes, rising operational expenses, extended wait times, and abandoned calls made it imperative to transform its contact center operation. The client wanted to optimize cost and productivity at the call center to accelerate customer service resolution and improve call outcomes.

Virtusa’s cognitive compute-based contact center solution reduced cost on FTEs by 40%, improved average handling time by nearly 60%, and unlocked new upsell opportunities through personalized offer recommendations.

The Challenge

The contact center agents had to access 20+ systems from the backend which resulted in high call handling time, and poor customer and agent experience.

Agents had to navigate through 40+ screens with 100+ clicks to address customer queries. The effectiveness of the call depended on agent’s experience and skills with limited support from the application and technology.

With high call handling time increasing the cost to serve, frequent hand-offs and high call wait times resulting in low NPS, and manually intensive operations leading to high operational expenses, it was imperative for the client to reimagine contact center experience.

The Solution

Virtusa engaged with the client to deliver an end-to-end next generation contact center transformation.

As part of the engagement, Virtusa delivered critical capabilities enabling an insightful and contextual customer service.

The AI-driven dynamic UI predicted the intent of the customers’ call. While the experience services aligned to the care journey enhanced both agent and customer experience, the smart query feature enabled linear and contextual interaction to the conversational approach. The solution delivered insights and prediction capabilities at every step of the process through an AI-driven engagement platform, further enabling AI-based resolution, AI-based knowledge base, and predictive services. The native cloud powered solution resulted in faster time to market, enabled superior customer experience and significantly reduced cost through containerization.

The Benefit
  • Cost savings on FTEs by 40% through intelligent process automation and unified experience 
  • AHT improved by nearly 60% 
  • Agent experience increased by 30 points and customer NPS by 24 points 
  • Up-sell opportunities improved by 20% through personalized offer recommendations 
Virtusa's Next-Gen Contact Center

Moving from Data to Insights driving Insightful and Contextual Customer Service

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