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Leading Application Security Product Company Experiences 40% Cost Reduction with Open Source Database Migration

Leading SaaS-based AppSec product company wanted to expand its business in new geographies and leverage the existing MySql database globally. However, the server running on premise was expensive and made it difficult for the company to scale up to accommodate business requirements in new markets. The company needed a cost-effective and agile solution that enables secured database migration with minimal downtime.  

The client embarked on an open source database migration journey with Virtusa to modernize its data platform for better data governance, stronger data security, and compliance. With Azure Sql, the client was able to focus on innovation and core business expansion at 40% reduced cost.   

The Challenge

The client had outdated software and infrastructure that was expensive to maintain and posed high data security risks.

The existing server infrastructure caused significant user impact and made it difficult for the client to scale their MySql database globally. The cost of server running on premise was high. In addition, the  database was incapable of scaling up and down as per requirements.

To survive and thrive in new market dynamics during business expansion, the client needed a scalable solution for secured, cost-effective, and easy migration of data, schema and DB objects to the cloud.

The Solution

Virtusa conducted database assessment to help the customer understand its infrastructure.

Based on the assessment, Virtusa recommended to rearchitect the server infrastructure and modernize the database and leveraged DMS to migrate the Schema, DB objects, and TBs of datasets.

The migration involved taking the customers existing environment and putting into three destination subscriptions for Dev,QA and Prod. MySql DB was modernized with Azure DB for MySql with read replica.

Virtusa also helped design the cutover and roll-forward strategy and created a playbook and best practices guide for the client's engineering and operations team. Virtusa's IaaS Professional Services also helped mitigate risks of data security breaches.

Open Source Database Migration Solution
The Benefit
  • Minimized the servers running cost on-premises for the database nodes by 40%
  • Strengthened data governance and enabled minimal downtime
  • Enabled rapid scalability and business expansion into new geographies through Azure Sql(MySql)
  • Significantly enhanced customer experience
Enabling customer success using cutting edge Microsoft technologies

Virtusa+Azure: Unmatched cloud transformation experience.

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