Deliver hyper-personalized omnichannel experiences for customer lifecycle optimization 

Customer banking relationships are no longer guaranteed to last a lifetime. With countless banking options at the click of a button, banks are constantly competing for customers. To attract, engage, convert, and retain customers, financial institutions need to understand customers and deliver personalized experiences across digital and in-person channels.

How can banks connect fragmented systems to get a 360 view of customers and deliver real-time, hyper-personalized offers based on data? 

vEngage helps banks and financial institutions implement hyper-personalization using Adobe, Pega, or a low-code digital platform of choice and predicts customer lifetime value and churn with a custom AI/ML model catalog. Deliver targeted messages to the right customers in real-time to increase cross-sell and upsell opportunities and decrease customer churn. What’s more, your bank can see value in as little as 10-12 weeks with our built-in integrations and solution accelerators across data, decisioning, and marketing technologies.

Key benefits

vEngage highlights personalization opportunities for customers to suggest relevant offers faster than before. Our solution helps improve ROI, meet regulatory norms, and create new revenue streams. 

Your bank can improve customer lifetime value (CLV) and benefit from: 

Connecting a large number of digital channels to support thousands of next-best conversations in a day

Improving lead conversation and response rates between 3X to 6X

Improving net promoter score (NPS) to reduce churn by 8-15% and increase customer loyalty by 15-30%

Building multiple adaptive and predictive analytics models in 6-8 weeks

Improving prediction accuracy by up to 20% while reducing significant data lag time

Key Features

vEngage provides next-best-action recommendations and insights to personalize offers for the most profitable channel. It drives the adoption of bank’s hyper-personalization solutions through reusable assets across the technology stack.

With its scalable architecture, vEngage provides:

  • 80+ reusable templates, components, and offers
  • Built-in integrations across multiple platforms including Adobe, Salesforce, Yext, and Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • A custom AI/ML model catalog that includes customer lifetime value (CLTV) prediction and churn prediction
  • Analytics and insights dashboards to drive measurements, key goals, and objectives
  • Batch and real-time data integration to create a 360-degree view of customers and a single source of truth

Why Virtusa?

Virtusa’s built complex marketing technology platforms for banking clients by creating a unique solution based on the bank’s specific needs, existing personalization software, and platform of choice. Our customer experience practice has the expertise and experience banks need to develop a right-fit solution at every stage of their digital transformation journey.   

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