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Yes, you read it right. The days of steadfast customer loyalty are now a distant memory.  It’s simply not enough to meet customer expectations.  Today you must anticipate customer needs before “they” do and go beyond the ordinary to stand out.

With [digitally connected] “everything” putting more power into customers’ hands, a great client experience isn’t just good for business, it can ultimately define your business.

Experience the power of Virtusa’s engineering prowess and Adobe’s customer-centric solutions.

Digital Customer Acquisition

Create an experience that caters to the digital-first consumer and easily integrates with Adobe’s market-leading solutions.

Digital Customer Acquisition

The digital revolution has given rise to many new business models. A significant one is in the way financial services companies have capitalized on consumers’ demand for any time, anywhere service. Non-traditional financial players have disrupted the banking game with digital-only offerings that promise higher personalization and faster service.

Virtusa’s digital acquisition solution is a comprehensive customer acquisition platform for financial organizations. It leverages experience management principles to cater to the evolving choice of today’s digital-first consumer. The solution is optimized for multiple devices and screens and integrates with Adobe’s market-leading digital experience solutions.

  • Responsive Account Opening Applications
    Pre-fill forms, save and resume text, and launch applications from multiple origination points on any device.
  • Reusable Acquisition Journeys
    Minimize time-to-market and reduce development and maintenance costs with reusable design libraries and patterns across various products with similar use cases.
  • Data Insights
    Improve the process by analyzing how customers move through the account opening process, where they spend time, request help, or abandon a session.

Fusion Migration Framework

Reduce your content migration effort and cost by 50% through automation and an adapter-based migration approach.

Fusion Migration Framework

Whether moving to a new CMS, redesigning your existing website, or adopting a more responsive web design, you will need to move a lot of content to its new home. Lack of version control, duplicated content, and inconsistencies in taxonomy and metadata make content migration a time-consuming and resource-draining activity.

Our Fusion Migration Framework provides the technical and strategic support needed to optimize the process of content migration. This framework automates the process to reduce migration efforts and costs by at least 50%. The solution uses user-driven information architectures with analytics for folksonomies and user tagging to update metadata. Sling APIs retrieve content from the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) repository and validate the content quality and content loss post-migration.

  • Automation
    Automate the migration of digital assets including images, documents, videos with associated metadata and taxonomy, web pages, and blogs and articles from any source to AEM.
  • Adapter-based approach
    Pre-built adapters for WordPress, XML, HTML, and OpenText allow for plug and play when migrating content from various sources to AEM.


Deliver the coveted omnichannel CX that drives digital marketing initiatives while remaining compliant and keeping data secure.


Consumers already enjoy highly personalized, relevant experiences in social media interactions, online shopping, media and entertainment, and even healthcare. Naturally, they expect nothing less from their financial institution. If consumers want to bank when they want, where they want, and on the device and channel of their choice, how can you replicate the digital experience of your public site to authenticated web pages?

Authenticated pages are largely transactional in nature (balance checks, fund transfers, statements) and lose out on attracting consumers with targeted marketing content. BankConnect leverages the Adobe Marketing Cloud to help banks deliver truly personal, engaging, and consistent authenticated site experiences across devices and screens. The framework provides re-usable components and templates to enable the delivery of tailored product offerings and targeted up-sell and cross-sell capabilities.

  • Omnichannel Customer Experience
    Give users a 360-degree view of their relationship with a financial institution hosted on a custom, responsive website.
  • Security Integration
    Integrate with a bank’s existing security services and identity management systems seamlessly.
  • Compliance
    Maintain compliance with section 508, WCAG, and SEO standards.
  • Digital Marketing
    Track user behavior, display targeted offers, and drive brand loyalty.

Healthcare Member and Provider Enrollment

Focus more on quality care with a streamlined and expedited enrollment and onboarding process.

Healthcare Member and Provider Enrollment

Gone are the days of a traditional, paper-based member and provider enrollment process, which was not only time-consuming but also prone to human error. Keeping up with the pace of new critical forms, contracts, related paperwork, and setting up a new provider is cumbersome and can take upwards of 20 days in many cases. These delays create significant customer service issues and can negatively impact revenue generation.

Virtusa’s Healthcare Member and Provider Enrollment Solution help automate the enrollment process, delivering high efficiency at low operational costs. Our solution, based on Adobe Experience Manager Forms, bridges the digital divide between filling forms and managing provider engagement through digital platforms like Pega’s Provider Lifecycle Management. The solution integrates with Adobe Sign to offer unsurpassed security so that your processes comply with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA while ensuring all information is authenticated, remaining both private and secure. The solution also integrates with Adobe Analytics to help you improve service delivery, reduce processing times, and lower risks.

  • Responsive Enrollment Applications
    Launch campaigns to enroll providers into a plan, network, or hospital system by using a responsive application to fill out forms more efficiently.
  • Secure and Compliance
    Offer secure enrollment applications to members and providers, which enable regulatory compliance like HIPPA.
  • Personalized Messaging
    Provide targeted messaging and content to providers based on preferences and usage patterns.


Transform content delivery for a continuous omnichannel CX supported on Adobe Experience Cloud technology.


Delivering relevant and engaging content across channels is not a one-time activity. It is essential to select a digital platform that provides consistent experiences and offers businesses speed with scale. Adobe Experience Cloud, the world’s leading digital platform, helps transform your content delivery and makes it easy to manage your marketing content assets.

Virtusa’s LaunchPad framework helps you accelerate adoption of Adobe Experience Cloud and its suite of products. LaunchPad offers both pre-configured components and custom deployment options, allowing for easy implementation of standard and personalized features. Its reusable library and seamless integration with enterprise systems based on Adobe Experience Manager make it easy to roll out enhancements. A one-of-a-kind automation-led approach to site migration and development helps drastically reduce time-to-market and optimizes content delivery across multiple channels and devices.

Mobile Banking Framework

Provide consistent and engaging experiences across devices by repurposing existing apps and adding higher security and personalization layers.

Mobile Banking Framework

Mobile apps are neo-normal offerings in today’s digital world. Most banks have a working mobile application, so how do you build a banking app that captures your audience’s attention and makes a solid business impact? You need a solution that not only helps build apps quickly and efficiently but also provides a consistent and engaging experience across devices.

Virtusa’s Mobile Banking Framework is built using open source libraries, and it is an easy to use, intuitive platform to build beautiful hybrid apps that address every banking need. It harnesses the power of Adobe Experience Cloud for full integration and insights. The solution helps repurpose existing apps to deliver higher security and personalization to enhance every customer’s experience. Additionally, we support your mobility initiatives by helping you choose the right technology approach for building apps.

  • Content as a Service
    Deliver dynamic content and increase personalization through segmentation and targeting with Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign, and other Adobe products.
  • Mobility features
    Take advantage of features such as Touch ID, Pattern Login, Face ID, Push Notification, and Locations to add an extra layer of RSA security.
  • Extended modules
    Integrate your site with external vendors like bill pay, loans, account management, and backend transactional services.

Location and Listings Solution

Offer geo-based search to help your customers and prospects find you, and gather rich insights that help optimize pages for conversion.

Location and Listings Solution

Is your location and listings data up-to-date across all digital channels? Customers increasingly search online for information on companies – whether they want to know your operating hours, locate the nearest ATM, or check for promotions. Therefore, it is imperative to keep your business information up-to-date and relevant across all channels and also provide a consistent experience for all viewing devices and screens.

Virtusa’s Location and Listings Solution is powered by the Adobe Experience Cloud and Yext Knowledge Engine. Our solution enables businesses to manage location and business information using the Yext Knowledge Engine and publish data across 100+ digital services such as search engines and directories. AEM-powered pages offer businesses an opportunity to deliver personalized and consistent web experience across devices and screens.

  • Yext API Connector
    Create Yext powered AEM pages with prebuilt Yext API connector, templates, and components and no custom development. These reliable, low-latency APIs make it easy to ensure all your internal systems stay on the same page.
  • Geo-based Search
    Offer geo-based search to find branches or ATMs, the nearest store, and even a highly rated agent or advisor. By centralizing your data, the solution ensures that your information is consistent across channels. The solution also ensures that the data on your web pages is accurate, consistent, and optimized for search engines.
  • Rich Insights
    Get a true picture of your performance across sites, platforms, and devices through Rich Insights. This helps optimize pages by telling you how and when consumers interact with your pages. It also reviews competitive intelligence by comparing your brand performance with that of local competitors in both search and ratings.

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