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Personalizing marketing campaigns to boost loyalty and revenue

The client, a premier regional bank, wanted to improve the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns and boost engagement on its loyalty platforms.

Virtusa helped the client achieve these goals by deploying modern decisioning capabilities and automated orchestration that personalize marketing campaigns according to customers’ unique banking needs.

The Challenge

The client sought to improve the effectiveness of their outbound email campaigns for new customers by:

  • Improving effectiveness through Decisioning Engine and Intelligent Orchestration
  • Implementing a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to automate email campaigns
  • Basing the MVP on a foundational Decisioning Capability that could be expanded to other channels and services
  • Utilizing Next Best Action Designer to enable business users to contribute and coordinate work with IT
The Solution

Virtusa drove new revenue for the client by deploying a Pega Customer Decision Hub.

The decision engine:

  • Determines the most profitable customers to pitch campaigns or offers to, based on the likelihood of a positive response
  • Recommends the most relevant offers to customers at the appropriate time
  • Coordinates with the content management system and outbound email system to ensure that a hyper-personalized email is delivered when a customer is matched with an offer
  • Ensures a customer response is collected through integration with the email system

Customer responses to the decision engine are then fed back into a predictive analytics engine, which refines the engine’s algorithms so that it can make even better offers in the future.

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The Benefit

Virtusa’s solution had a significant, positive impact on our client’s brand by delivering:


  • A significant uptick in loyalty platform engagement
    and redemption rates
  • Hyper-personalized, 1-to-1 marketing campaigns
  • Strategy optimization for performance
  • Standardized algorithm verification checks
  • Centralized decisioning capability expanded to additional channels like Salesforce CRM, Mobile with minimal integration efforts
  • Data-backed recommendations for “Next Best Offer,”
    “Next Best Communication,” and “Next Best Action”



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