Get more out of customer profiles with Virtusa’s Salesforce Customer 360

For CX excellence geared towards customer loyalty, businesses need to go beyond basic customer transactions and adjust operating models for meaningful customer interactions. With diverse channels and platforms filled with customer data, it is becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to make full sense of it.

Get an integrated insight into data across every customer touchpoint with Virtusa’s Salesforce Customer 360 portfolio of services. The unique set of solutions that include data integration, master data management, and AI-led functionalities, guarantees increased sales conversions, better NPS, and higher cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Key features

Virtusa recommends a structured approach for achieving a single view of the customer that spans across four key areas – data engineering, data assimilation, data intelligence, and data-driven decisioning.

It includes leveraging our data engineering and analytics capabilities covering data strategy, master data management (MDM), data warehousing, and business intelligence (DWBI), data on cloud, data governance and AI/ML.

The approach follows Virtusa’s Data Engineering and MDM methodology to collate and integrate customer data from all touchpoints and core systems, assimilating the data using Customer 360 Data Manager to enable actionable insights. It significantly increases revenue and productivity reducing average handling times.

Salesforce Customer 360 - Key features

Platforms and accelerators that augment our strong capabilities:

MDM Blueprint

A library of rules and frameworks for DM platform assessment, data matching and cleansing, product mastering and data ingestion

Data Profiling

A user-friendly tool to profile required columns from the database (DB) tables and files with custom rules builder

ML-based Metadata Discovery

 A text analytics solution that uses ML-based classification algorithms to map column names to business terms based on text distance characteristics, enables automated data element mapping


Data Lineage

A tool that provides clear traceability from source to target data systems with unambiguous information around the transformation rules

Success story

One of largest US healthcare payers consolidates their contact center operations to one platform to achieve up to 75% reduced AHT and deliver consistent customer experience

Disparate contact center technologies made it difficult for the client to manage the increasing call volume of 60 million calls per year. Virtusa implemented a unified contact center application, built on top of Service Cloud, comprising a lean and scalable architecture that unified data from external sources – members, providers, employers, and group-related calls, to reduce call handle time and improve customer experience.

Success story

Large healthcare payer reduces AHT by over 50% and slashes contact center operational costs for durable medical equipment and services workers’ compensation business

Large call volumes with prolonged handling time coupled with manual processes impacted customer service for the payer. Virtusa’s comprehensive order management platform implementation built on top of Salesforce removed swivel chairing and accelerated call handling with process automation. Self-service customer communities for clients and providers further helped deflect calls away for key use cases such as authorization and order delivery tracking.

Customer 360

Customer 360 revolutionizes anonymous user identification, increases customer engagement, enables real-time targeting, and ensures faster time to market

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