Customer 360

Build a single source of truth for your customers

Data is often fragmented across multiple systems in enterprises, leading to silos and duplication. Hence, creating a single and reliable source of customer information is challenging. The other challenges include identifying anonymous users, multi-system integration, and manual queries for generating reports.

A customer data platform that can fetch information from various sources is ideal for addressing the challenges. Furthermore, the platform provides a unified solution by processing and mapping data, resolves identity conflicts using AI, and offers reporting, analytics, segmentation, and activation capabilities.

Revolutionizing the identification of anonymous users

Post-implementation, our solution helps the client with:

  • Increase in customer engagement
  • Real-time targeting and personalization
  • Understanding anonymous user profile
  • Faster time to market

Existing customer data platforms utilize cookies to accomplish tasks effectively. But as data privacy and tracking continue to gain momentum, cookies are rapidly perishing. Virtusa’s TraitX solution enables personalized data customization through behavior analysis without utilizing cookies. It is an integrated solution that seamlessly operates across various platforms, ensuring enhanced customer experience.

Salesforce Customer 360 Solutions

Our approach to creating unique experiences


Customer journey is captured in real-time from the engagement systems and mapped back to a custom intelligence model for analysis.



By utilizing the platform’s out-of-the-box feature, identity graphs generate insights about anonymous users.


Look-alike modeling uses a custom intelligence model to send similar journey personalization back to anonymous users.


Look-alike model journey is activated on destination channels leveraging MarTech integrations connected with cross-platform decision hubs.



Real-time personalization is implemented for follow-up journeys based on key moments, and the content or information is provided during the session.

Why Virtusa?

  • Virtusa is an advisory board member and Platinum and innovation partner of Adobe. Along with Adobe, we co-developed our cookieless solution – Virtusa | AEP Customer 360. It is an Adobe amplified partner solution certified and accredited on its website.

  • Being a Platinum Consulting partner of Salesforce, Virtusa has won and retained the coveted Salesforce Summit partnership.




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