Legacy ETL Exit to Talend

Migrate your ETL point solution to a comprehensive data platform

Organizations that are currently using legacy technologies to manage and execute ETL functions must consider whether the tool is powerful enough to support adoption of new SDLC processes and emerging technologies. Organizations using these technologies as their primary data integration tool are already dealing with challenges such as:

  • The threat of additional maintenance and upgrade costs as the tool approaches EOL
  • Incompatibility with cloud or private cloud migration initiatives
  • Inadequate performance with CI/CD tools and pipelines
  • Inability to use multi-cluster data processing environments
  • Scarcity of skilled associates

To more effectively use data that drives successful digital transformation initiatives, organizations should migrate to Talend. With Talend, businesses don’t just benefit from upgraded data integration functionality, they also gain comprehensive capabilities for data integrity & governance and application & API integration.

As a Talend Platinum partner, Virtusa can help your organization quickly migrate to Talend ETL and adopt the full breadth of Talend capabilities that will help your business drive a powerful digital agenda.

Key Benefits

Automate significant part of the conversion to Talend to reduce effort and save costs.

Our ETL Conversion utilities help convert ~80% of code base and reduce rework and testing effort by 35%. We also leverage our proven data expertise and methodology to re-engineer complex ETL jobs for an entirely managed migration experience.

By working with Virtusa, your organization can also achieve a future-proof data strategy:

  • Data Lake Build - We help define data lake strategy and accelerate data lake rollout with pre-built templates for data ingestion and transformation.

  • MDM, Right First Time - We help define MDM strategy, eliminate data integrity and data quality and build customer-centric use cases

  • Data Governance - We help define data governance strategy and develop efficient data governance processes/frameworks by incorporating policies, roles, and responsibilities that pave the way for improved security and better compliance

  • Cloud Data Migration – We help define the strategy for migrating to cloud data platforms such as Snowflake and accelerate data migration using our Talend Data Migration framework and platform-specific schema conversion tools
Capabilities of ETL to Talend Solution

Our best-in-class frameworks and accelerators that are purpose-built to help you fast-track your Talend program

  • Talend code review tool - Automatically reviews code, reducing manual code review effort by 90%

  • Data profiling tool - Profiles required columns from database tables and files with custom rules builder, making it user-friendly for business users

  • Address cleansing framework - Provides an address validation and standardization framework specific to EU by leveraging Google APIs

  • Reusable components for single customer view - Ensures single customer view with a configurable, matching framework for different systems and a common data-driven survivorship model to handle different sources and common data refresh/integration patterns

  • MDM strategy framework - Analyzes source systems and proposes an MDM strategy and roadmap for implementation

  • Data quality (DQ) framework - Enables a holist
    ic approach to analyze the root cause of poor data quality by identifying data anomalies and implementing a DQ framework that consists of a profiling engine, rules builder leveraging ML and statistical methods, DQ dashboards, and alerts

  • Data validation components for DQ/MDM programs - Facilitates flat file validation, email cleansing and validation, telephone number cleansing and validation, address enrichment, and customer matching (de- duplication)

Success stories

Leading multinational bank was operating ‘Reg-Insights’ platform built on legacy tech stack.

Team Virtusa modernized the stack using Talend to handle big data volume for scalability and efficiency. Reduced reconciliation and data validation efforts by 80% by modernizing ‘Regulatory Insights’ platform.

A leading global bank had invested in Talend to reduce high licensing and maintenance cost.

Virtusa, a preferred data integration vendor, accelerated migration to Talend with extensive knowledge of the legacy data estate. Reduced testing efforts by 35% & automated migration of AbInitio, Informatica, DataStage & PLSQL/Pro-C to Talend.

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