Does your chatbot understand your customers?

Effective Virtual Agents

Banks' customer service operations are expensive. When chatbots have low containment rates, your live agents still have large call volumes to deal with, and your customers experience long wait and handling times. Without the proper automation between chatbots and agents, you can't improve efficiency, and your operational costs will remain high.

How can you improve your chatbots to create the best customer experience?

Virtusa’s Effective Virtual Agents solution will help to improve your ineffective chatbots, based on the budget and timeline that work for your business. Our team has tool agnostic solution competency experience across all major chatbot and conversational AI platforms (, Nuance, Dialog Flow, Amazon Connect), strong AI competency and a proven process for AI governance, Chatbot QA, CICD, and change management, and extensive experience in building banking domain-specific chatbot and conversational AI solutions.

Key benefits

By using conversational AI effectively, banks can:

Have a high chatbot containment rate

Reduce the volume of calls handled by live agents

Decrease the overall cost of customer service operations

Decrease wait and handling times for customer service interactions

Improve automation for seamless customer service interactions

Key Features

The solutions we’ve developed using AI/ML is how we give the chatbots the context they need to interact as well as a live agent. Our expert data science teams evaluate chat logs, identify the root causes for chatbot performance gaps, and fine-tune the natural language processing (NLP) engine.

Our solution offerings include:  

  • Natural language processing (NLP) Optimization Framework that continuously improves your chatbot’s accuracy with analytics and quality assurance training and testing.
  • Banking Bot Repository offers 90+  pre-built chatbot workflows.
  • Integration Accelerators with multi-channel connectivity, speech-to-text and text-to-speech services, and 50+ API-specific banking templates.
  • Chatbot and Conversational Analytics Engine use automated recommendations to create intelligent performance.

Our solutions are equipped with multiple features to truly enhance your organizations AI capabilities, including:

  • Multi-channel servicing for the web, SMS, email, native apps, messaging, and social media.
  • Comprehensive linguistic analysis for intelligent classification and pattern analysis to identify gaps when training the chatbot.
  • Contextualized banking domain through pre-built bots, API templates, and accelerators.
Effective Virtual Agents key features

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