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Conversation data from contact centers pack immense insights into customer sentiments. Most of this customer data, collected across channels - voice, chat messages, emails, and chatbots, is in an unstructured format. For banks to create differentiated experience across touchpoints, they must integrate and harness unstructured data to extract meaningful insights into customer behavior.   

Virtusa’s Customer Chat Intelligence solutions applies AI and machine learning technology to analyze unstructured data from customer conversations to unlock actionable insights into the needs and expectations of the customer. It can be used to measure the effectiveness of customer service processes and personnel, and also help product, sales, and marketing leaders drive positive results – better service, higher revenues, and strong brand loyalty. 

Key benefits

We apply our expertise in the architecture, design, and implementation of AI frameworks for customer service to build a dashboard-based solution that integrates easily with your contact center system to provide transformational benefits that include:

  • 25%+ improved customer service quality scores 
  • 40%+ boost in upsell/cross sell opportunities with accurate lead qualification
  • 30%+ reduction in abandoned customer conversations
Customer Insights Solution - Key Benefits
Key features

The solution provides customer service interaction data across text chats, voice, chatbot, email and other channels and transforms them to a standard format. It then applies NLP to analyze trends, sentiments, and gather insights on customers, agents, market trends to build a dashboard view of the intelligence derived. The dashboard can be built on any tool.

Features include:

  • Accelerated insights
    Client query trends and sentiment analytics generated for recently closed chats
  • Pre-built open source models
    Rapidly deployable models, which can identify insights such as customer sentiments, chat intent, customer categories, and query types
  • Handles messy chats
    Advanced natural language processing engine based on deep learning techniques which has the ability to handle complex conversations
  • Highly scalable
    Our AI engine delivers accurate insights even during fluctuating customer service volumes without performance drops
  • Platform agnostic
    Compatible with all major dashboard tools, reporting architecture and standards; supports on-prem and/or cloud deployments
  • Voice-to-text support
    Our framework supports the conversion of voice logs to text and subsequent processing of this data to generate insights

Why Virtusa?

Virtusa’s Customer Chat Intelligence solution extracts sentiment, query patterns, conversations trends, and other key outputs to enable CX transformation

Customer service agent effectiveness by analyzing customer sentiment towards offered resolution

Marketing campaign effectiveness by tracking metrics across different mediums such as social media, web promotions, and in-branch promotions

Addressal of frequently asked questions and major issues for existing, new, and potential customers

Popular products and services based on customer feedback and measuring metrics across mediums

Market trends by analyzing customer interactions for frequently raised issues or questions

Lead qualification, competitor, and partner performance


The Customer Chat Intelligence solution works with all major industry standard platforms

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