Cognitive Cloud Computing

Digitize content for engaging user experiences

The proliferation of digital technologies in the Information Services industry has influenced consumer preferences. Radically improved content distribution processes have transformed the distribution channels to help curate and deliver relevant and accurate content for consumers. Traditional business models pave way for more flexible, user-centered, and personalized models. Technology giants such as YouTube and Netflix have completely altered the way digital content is shared and distributed. This has been possible due to the massive market shift towards cloud computing.

Cloud computing has disrupted the traditional business models of the publishing industry driving them to reinvent their business models, deliver high-quality digital content, and provide on-demand access. The Digital Publishing industry is now investing in cloud technologies to deliver rich content services across all user devices-right from smartphones to tablets.

Our Solutions

Smart Content

To establish a multi-channel content strategy or to generate personalized content for improved user experience, Virtusa develops solution to digitize, acquire, optimize, and reuse digital assets. 

We help publish content that is contextual, meaningful, and relevant. Virtusa’s content strategy and solutions focus on information architecture, taxonomy, content governance, creation, and delivery.

Big Data

Virtusa’s data monetization solutions provide data and analytics on a single platform that seamlessly provides information on customers, operations, billing, and social media across B2C and B2B clients. 

Information Services providers increasingly recognize the need for exploring ways to tap large volumes of under-utilized data that can transform businesses. 

Our data management strategies and solutions help organizations define the best approaches for data architecture, data quality, governance, visualization, metadata, taxonomy, security, and storage.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) + Cognitive Computing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming the core of digital transformation. Advances in Big Data and Cloud have significantly improved the adoption of AI over the past few years. 

Cognitive technologies can quickly understand the data landscape, learn from it, and reason through it. Our AI-led robotic processes can automate manual operations across billing, service, and customer care operations. 

Virtusa’s proprietary RPA solution accelerator, ‘Accello’ provides an easy, efficient, and cost-effective way to automate processes.

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