Game Testing Services

For mobile, cloud, and console

Delivering a compelling and immersive gaming experience across platforms is more important than ever before. And the only way to ensure a seamless gaming experience is through comprehensive and rigorous testing. However, game testing comes with its own set of challenges.

Multiplayer games are highly complex as they involve numerous game servers, simultaneous plays, and computer-controlled opponents. Experts with niche multiplayer testing skills are needed to test different scenarios for a flawless gaming experience. Since modern gamers prefer a secure gaming experience devoid of risks like a data breach or losing saved games in progress, it is essential to rigorously test for security as an insecure game can spell disaster for the gaming company.

Most games today are integrated with social media and digital wallets. Since in-game purchases solely depend on adequately functioning integrations, testers need to be quite cautious while conducting integrating testing. Besides, new devices throng the market every day, and each of them comes with its operating system and version. Testing games across device configurations, operating systems, and screen resolutions is a daunting task.


Functionality testing

Validates if the application is working as per specifications and ensures smooth installation

Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game testing

 Ensures that the multiplayer mode works perfectly well through network testing

In-app purchase integration testing

Ensures quick, easy, and secure payments through micro-transactions

Performance testing

Ensures optimal performance by leveraging synthetic users to test various scenarios

Automated testing

Leverages frameworks, tools, and scripts to improve the accuracy of tests, speed up bug detection, and enhance coverage

Security and compliance testing

Comprises of variability testing around networking endpoints

Integration testing

Ensures that the game is effectively integrated with social media and digital wallets through integration testing

Multi-platform testing

Comprises of game testing across multiple platforms like PC and desktop, web, mobile, and consoles

Device testing

Tests for game-device compatibility leveraging different testing approaches for different platforms like console, cloud, and mobile

Game Testing Services - Benefits
  • Increase effectiveness: Minimize cost per install (CPI) and maximize lifetime value (LTV) across devices.

  • Enhance player experience: Identify and fix hard-to-find bugs before release to avoid hurting your reputation and losing out on loyal users.

  • Improve time-to-market: Drive speed and mitigate the risk of release slippage while catering to your growing daily average userbase (DAU).
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