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Companies across industries rely on accurate data for analysis and data-driven insights. Good quality data provides better leads, a better understanding of customers, and better customer relationships. On the other hand, poor data quality can increase the complexity of data ecosystems, lead to poor decision-making, and damage customer relationships. As a result, data quality is a competitive advantage that leaders must continuously improve.

 In today's data-driven world, accurate and reliable data is crucial to businesses across industries. With good quality data, organizations can get better insights, better leads, and stronger customer relationships that can lead to enhanced personalized experiences for their customers. Thus, helping enterprises to stay ahead of the curve by continuously improving data quality.

Virtusa's end to end data and quality assurance services empower your organization's performance with quality data.

We have a robust process and a controlled data validation strategy.

 Furthermore, we leverage our accelerators, platforms, and open-source tools to detect any data anomalies early in the test life cycle phase. This streamlined approach fast-tracks the entire QA cycle, saving time and resources while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Specific Solutions

Our comprehensive range of data quality assurance services includes:

  • DWH/ETL testing: our smart data testing solution automates data validation and the Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) testing processes. We leverage our custom tools, accelerators, and partner solutions to ensure the accuracy and consistency of data.
  • Data migration testing: we build automated frameworks for testing data migrations that ensure seamless data transfer. 
  • BI and data visualization testing: our automated testing solution validates analytics and business intelligence reports for accuracy and reliability
  • Big data testing: we build smart, automated data testing solutions for Hadoop data lakes and NoSQL data stores
Data Quality Assurance Services - Our Approach

Virtusa's data assurance-driven AI/ML accelerators can help reduce the manual effort of data quality issues detection for various data types by automated or machine learning data quality controls for critical data elements. These accelerators bring a host of benefits to your data quality processes, including:

  • Flexible platform that offers easy customization and tailormade checks
  • Reduced manual effort of data quality issues detection
  • Calibrated for big data/data lake
  • Easy integration with heterogeneous data sources
  • Scalable architecture


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