Platform Assurance

Leveraging partner solutions to enable high-quality release orchestration

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, enterprises are striving to deliver high-quality software releases to meet the expectations of their customers, employees, and partners. The following are some of the key challenges organizations encounter-

  • Optimization strategy: lack of a well-defined strategy can result in lost traffic and revenue.
  • Compatibility and interoperability: ensuring seamless performance across diverse devices and platforms is challenging.
  • Agile delivery: balancing speed with thorough testing poses a challenge.
  • Automation and efficiency: manual testing is time-consuming and error-prone.
  • CI/CD implementation: robust testing is crucial for effective continuous integration and delivery.
  • Scalability and performance: increasing data and user traffic requires validation and identification of performance bottlenecks.

These challenges can harm organizations, including lost traffic, revenue, and negative feedback. Virtusa's Platform assurance services address these challenges by leveraging best-of-breed tools, accelerators, and solutions. We help organizations optimize their software releases, ensure compatibility and interoperability, adopt automation for efficient testing, and implement robust CI/CD practices. Our services enable enterprises to overcome these challenges and deliver high-quality software to meet the demands of today's digital landscape.

Virtusa stands out in the market by offering exclusive partner assurance and a laser focus on competencies, enabling us to provide high-quality release orchestration.

Our core platform assurance approach includes API-first development, comprehensive business process coverage, omnichannel support, and seamless integration with other platforms and applications. Virtusa stands out from the crowd thanks to the following differentiators-

  • Extensible tests: we adopt a product mindset and maintain a reusable repository of test cases, allowing for efficient testing and faster time to market.
  • Data for APIs: our robust data generation adaptors ensure comprehensive test coverage for APIs, enabling thorough validation of functionality and performance.
  • Dependent services: we facilitate early testing through virtualization, allowing developers and testers to validate their services even when dependent components are unavailable or under development.
  • Right tools: we have strategic partnerships with leading tools providers such as Copado, GenRocket, Lambdatest, and AccelQ, enabling us to leverage the right tools for each project's specific needs.

Quality Assurance Platform - Our Approach

Our approach

Virtusa's platform assurance offering follows a two-pronged approach to ensure high-quality release orchestration.

End-to-end automation

We employ Virtusa's in-house tool, Accello DTA, for platforms like Pega and Salesforce. This tool automates manual test scripts, reduces effort by up to 50%, optimizes regression test suite selection, self-heals broken test scripts, and auto-triages test script failures.

Partner integration

Leveraging our partnerships, we utilize Copado's CI/CD pipeline for seamless integration and incorporate AI-powered test automation. Additionally, we leverage AccelQ's codeless test automation solution on the cloud, offering a comprehensive approach to test automation.

As part of our platform assurance services, we empower our test associates with training and learning modules on Pega and Salesforce offerings, including CPQ and dispute resolution.

We deliver the following benefits to our global clients:

  • Business value through on-demand quality engineering services.
  • Improved productivity, with up to 70% improvement in test life cycle automation overall.
  • Multi-cloud and multi-product expertise, with a strong focus on integration and a product-specific CI/CD approach.
  • Ready test suite with automation assets, accelerating quality assurance on the cloud.
  • SaaS-focused assurance for customer service transformation and domain-specific use cases.

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