Service & Experience Design

Business, Engineering and Design working together
to create amazing solutions.


Create exceptional experiences for customers and employees.

Using holistic design thinking and continuous experimentation, Virtusa helps brands and organizations create exceptional experiences - for customers and employees - to accelerate digital transformation and deliver better business outcomes. We understand that the experience is just the tip of the iceberg and the complexity lies lurking underneath. Our design and engineering expertise gives us a map to navigate these layers of complexity.

Virtusa has a set of methods that help us to understand and reframe the problem, to ideate possible solutions and then to design, prototype and test assumptions. By taking this approach, we help businesses to increase customer loyalty, improve employee engagement and deliver design-led innovation.

Experience Design Strategy

Increase engagement and loyalty by improving employee and customer experience with Virtusa’s expertise and capabilities in these areas:

  • Customer research

  • Current state analysis

  • Friction finding

  • Experience vision
  • Customer journey mapping

  • Innovation workshops

  • Product roadmapping
Experience Design Strategy
Product & Design
Product & Design

Improve conversion and deliver better business outcomes and engaging experiences with Virtusa’s design and engineering expertise in these areas:

  • User research

  • Service blueprinting

  • Web application design

  • Mobile app design

  • AR/VR design

  • Usability testing

  • Accessibility & inclusiveness
Design at Scale

Combine business, data and design perspectives to drive holistic design thinking with Virtusa’s expertise and proven methods in these areas:

  • Design thinking workshops

  • Design systems

  • Research ops

  • Design ops    
Design at Scale

Deliver engaging experiences for our clients by leveraging the power of technology and great design

We support more than 200 global brands by providing solutions that help companies work smarter at a lower cost across the full spectrum of their operations.

Content & Customer experience

Virtusa helps businesses re-imagine the customer experience by  unlocking value  to drive better engagement and productivity


Our technology and industry experts share knowledge on what it takes to tackle today’s toughest business challenges.