Design & prototyping

Envisioning experiences with purpose

Delivering exceptional customer experiences to our clients requires deep design expertise with an iterative and collaborative approach. Our design teams build on user research to create useful and usable products that will improve the lives of the end users. By Incorporating known UX patterns and applying design principles such as hierarchy, proximity, context, and accessibility, our design solutions are primed for adoption.

Our experience design (XD) design team builds prototypes to demonstrate interactions, user flow, and visual design treatments. Prototypes are helpful for our clients to visualize how their objectives will be realized and also helps to align development and testing teams in their efforts. 

Our design solutions, brought to life through prototypes, ensure that all aspects of an experience serve a specific purpose by merging user insights, market research, and organizational goals.

Virtusa's offerings
Virtusa is committed to providing intuitive, approachable, and emotionally engaging experiences.

Our offerings:

  • User interface design
    User interface (UI) design is the careful composition of elements that convey the intent of an interaction. Our UI designs incorporate our client’s brand standards, known interaction patterns, and innovations to create compelling experiences. We can adopt an existing design system or help our client establish their own to encourage consistency and efficiency in design and development efforts.
  • Prototyping
    Prototyping combines UI Design and user flow to demonstrate how an application will work and look. Prototypes bring to life solutions based on user research and are validated in usability testing.
  • Usability testing
    Usability testing identifies and addresses usability issues and user experience problems, leading to improved product usability, enhanced user satisfaction, and increased conversion rates. 
  • Content Strategy
    Content strategy is the management of planning, creating, delivering, and governing various forms of content, including text, images, and multimedia. A defined content strategy plays a pivotal role in enhancing the user experience of a website or application by ensuring the availability of valuable, user-friendly content that is well-structured and easily discoverable.

Our Experience Design offerings can deliver the following

Increased customer satisfaction

Seamless customer journey experience

Reduced development costs

Increased adoption and brand loyalty

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