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Unleashing insights for exceptional experiences

User research is vital in informing businesses about their target audience, uncovering valuable insights, guiding the development of products and services that align with customer preferences, and improving customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Design strategy aligns user insights from our research with business goals and industry best practices, creating a solid foundation for successful initiatives. Identifying user and business objectives establishes our benchmark for creating experiences with measurable outcomes.

Virtusa's Experience Design (XD) teams prioritize XD research and design strategy to identify key behaviors and interactions where design solutions can increase engagement, adoption, and conversion. The XD team works collaboratively with our clients to establish the appropriate metrics, including improving user satisfaction, increasing conversions, or reducing costs, that ultimately help them deliver experiences people will love.

With Virtusa's XD research and strategy offering, experiences are created with a purpose.

Purpose-driven experiences prioritize the user's desired outcome over flashy design or superficial features.

Our experience designs provide meaningful and relevant experiences that deliver our clients' expected outcomes, solve end users' problems, and lead to satisfaction, achievement, and loyalty.

Conducting user research upfront and throughout the software development process is essential in creating successful products. Clients will see value when we identify and resolve friction points that help avoid costly redesigns and deployment delays. With business, design, and engineering teams working together towards a common vision based on user research and aligned to a design strategy, Virtusa delivers exceptional experiences.

User Experience Research Services

Experience-led engineering

Bridging the gap between concept and realization. 

With broad engineering expertise and capacity as our backbone, our XD teams bring decades of experience across diverse industries to define purposeful experiences for our clients.

Our XD researchers employ proven methods to uncover unmet user needs and transform those insights into valuable and usable solutions. From design thinking to system dynamics, we apply a formulaic approach to our client's design needs.

Our XD research and strategy offering helps clients address many challenges and achieve their objectives:

Evaluating existing and similar experiences


  • Heuristic/Expert reviews: Conduct evaluations based on established usability principles and best practices to document usability issues and potential improvements in our client's products or services.

  • Competitive analysis and analogous experiences: Evaluate existing and similar experiences to gain insights and inspiration for enhancing our clients' offerings.

Knowing the user


  • Observations/Contextual inquiry: Gather valuable insights into their behavior and needs by observing and understanding users in their natural environment.

  • Stakeholder/User interviews: Interview stakeholders to understand business goals and perspectives, and speak with users to gain insights into existing experiences.

  • Personas, Journeys, and Stories: Create personas, map their journeys, and create narratives to contextualize the experience and the impact on the end user.

Design strategy


  • Problem elaboration: Work closely with clients to define and understand the core problems that must be addressed.

  • Goal setting: Establish measurable goals and outcomes to drive the design process and ensure alignment with business objectives.

  • Task analysis and narratives: Analyze user tasks and create narratives to guide design decisions and create a holistic and effective user experience.

Investing in user research and strategy
provides numerous benefits for businesses

Improved user satisfaction

Businesses can enhance user satisfaction and loyalty by aligning products and services with user needs and expectations.

Increased conversions

Understanding user behavior enables businesses to optimize user journeys and increase conversion rates. 

Cost reduction

Businesses can avoid costly redesigns and redevelopments by first identifying and resolving friction points.

Competitive advantage

Delivering exceptional experiences gives businesses a competitive edge in the market and fosters growth and success in the long run.

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