Design at scale

Empowering design teams with agility to deliver quality solutions

In the ever-evolving and competitive world of digital service innovation, organizations are challenged with delivering consistent and high-quality design solutions across multiple platforms and contexts. Virtusa has a strategic approach to engineer scalable and adaptable solutions that can be efficiently applied across various products, services, and touchpoints.

Embrace a best practice engineering first service design mindset.

Strategic design

Analyze trends and data, identify opportunities, and propose scalable solutions aligned to business goals and a roadmap.

Design authority

Empower a team to be the decision-maker and guardian for design scalability, quality, and integrity.

Human-centered design

Empathize, define problems, generate ideas, prototype solutions, and test them with real users to inform design decisions.

Agile design

Collaborate with agile squads and inform them with tested design inputs to build upon a single UI kit and design system.

Solution design

Ensure integrated back-end processes can deliver consistent and optimized front-end customer experiences across channels.


Centrally manage and federate a core set of design processes, systems, skill resources, and tools on demand.

Virtusa can help you overcome business challenges

Organizations face growing pressure to meet increasing user demands, maintain brand consistency, and drive customer satisfaction.

At Virtusa, we have fine-tuned our combination of design skills, expertise, and culture to help organizations continuously deliver premium service solutions.

The following challenges are typical when trying to grow products and services at speed:

  • Maintaining alignment and cohesion can be difficult to achieve when multiple teams, products, and markets are involved, each with their own goals, preferences, and constraints.Success here requires a shared vision, direction, and understanding among all parties, as well as clear and consistent guidelines, standards, and processes.

  • Adapting to change and diversity can be challenging to sustain when there are constant changes in technology, user behavior, business requirements, and market trends. Success here requires a flexible and adaptable mindset that can embrace change and diversity, and a robust and scalable system that can accommodate them.

  • Measuring impact and value can be hard to measure in terms of its impact and value on the users, the business, and the brand. Success here requires a data-driven and user-centric approach to collect, analyze, and act on feedback, insights, and metrics.
Why Virtusa
Why Virtusa
Virtusa can help you embed and grow a design practice

Virtusa’s Experience Design team understands that scaling design requires a systematic approach that balances creativity, efficiency, quality, speed, innovation, and standardization.

We help organizations optimize design performance, budget, and resource allocation. We empower Agile squads to reach their full potential by streamlining processes to maximize ROI and create delightful solutions that captivate users. The result is lower total cost of ownership (TCO), reduced solution risk, and faster time to market.

Virtusa’s design at-scale best practices include:

  • Establishing a design system: A design system is a collection of reusable components, patterns, principles, and guidelines that define the visual language, interaction model, tone, and voice of the product or service. The goal is to create consistency, coherence, and efficiency in design at scale.

  • Fostering a design culture: A design culture is a set of values, beliefs, behaviors, and practices that support and promote design thinking and doing across the organization. The goal is to create alignment, collaboration, and innovation within design and squad communities.

  • Empowering the design team: The design team is responsible for creating and maintaining the design of a product or service. The design team has access to the right skills, tools, resources, autonomy, and recognition to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently. Virtusa’s design approach is to set up resources centrally and federated them out to operational teams on-demand across the holistic enterprise ecosystem.

Virtusa can help you reap the business benefits

Virtusa’s Experience Design has the skills and tools to help organizations create consistent, coherent, brand-compliant, user-centric experiences across multiple platforms, devices and contexts. The team is aligned to an organization’s business strategy, culture, and processes while factoring in the needs of end-users to deliver impact:

Improved user experience

Design at scale ensures that users have a seamless and satisfying interaction with the product or service, regardless of the device, channel, or location they use. Benefits include: reduced friction, confusion, and frustration by providing clear and intuitive interfaces, flows, and feedback.

Increased efficiency and productivity

Design at scale streamlines the design process by reducing duplication, inconsistency, and waste. Benefits include faster and easier collaboration and communication among designers, developers, and stakeholders, as well as faster and easier testing and iteration.

Enhanced brand identity and loyalty

Design at scale reinforces the brand identity and values by creating a unified and recognizable visual language, tone, and voice across all touchpoints. Benefits include: building trust and loyalty to increase sales.


Virtusa has delivered design at scale for our clients.

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