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Organizations today face numerous challenges in managing their complex application landscapes. With the increasing complexity of business applications, IT teams are burdened with the need to ensure system availability, performance, and security while addressing evolving business requirements. Manual and fragmented processes often result in inefficiencies, higher costs, and limited agility. Growing business demands and higher customer expectations make the onset of Augmented Intelligence-led Managed Services (AIMS) inevitable.

The challenge lies in optimizing the management of applications throughout their lifecycle
Application Managed Services - Features

From application monitoring and incident management to application performance optimization and continuous improvement, organizations need help maintaining a seamless and responsive IT environment. This leads to operational inefficiencies, higher maintenance costs, and missed opportunities for innovation.

  • Lack of predictable and secure operations (focus on security within operations, issues with geo-specific regulations)
  • Struggle to meet high customer demands (quicker and faster change deployment and feature delivery)
  • Reduce lights-on budget and invest in transformation
  • Inefficient and distributed operations
  • Operational misalignment to business expectations
  • Aging infrastructure and traditional/monolithic applications lead to maintenance difficulties and a lack of predictability. 
Data governance services - Why Virtusa?
Why Virtusa?

By partnering with Virtusa, businesses can streamline their application management processes, reduce operational costs, enhance system performance, and focus their internal resources on driving innovation and strategic initiatives.

We provide various models, from single-location to worldwide, and 9–5 to 24x7 support, thanks to our extensive managed services experience.

By choosing Virtusa, you can see instant productivity advantages from day one: lower TCO and secure operations. We adopt a comprehensive strategy, utilizing shift-left, shift-right, and AIOps models to optimize the value chain from infrastructure to business goals.

To overcome the challenges associated with application management, we recommend organizations embrace Application Managed Services as a strategic solution. By adopting a strategic roadmap that suits the business objectives and gauging maturity through measurable outcomes, organizations can reduce their operations expenditure for system maintenance while providing enhanced customer experience, resulting in better retention rates. 

Our solutions

Application managed services offer a comprehensive approach to address the various organizational challenges via Virtusa’s proven managed services model that reduced TCO by 50% across our tier-1 clients. We provide transparency and visibility into their IT operations. And help align IT operations to customer experience. Optimize operation system to reduce customer complaints as well as manual effort. And direct those savings towards transformation. 

To achieve the above, Virtusa offers an Application Support Maturity model that helps you go from Lights-on to Predictive operations through different support levels involving the following steps.

  1. Lights-on: Basic lights-on activities with fail-fast yet reactive mechanisms to diagnose and resolve reported faults in systems.
  2. Proactive: Deploy supervised AI models to detect failures and notify analysts proactively.
  3. Pre-emptive: Auto remediation and auto-diagnostics for imminent faults. 
  4. Predictive: Data-driven domain & system intelligence to predict outcomes.

Operations optimization takes you from Lights-on to Predictive operations while removing operational toil. Key levers to achieve this:


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