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Unum embraces technology, paving the path to digital transformation

Virtusa builds a reliable & scalable AWS cloud-based solution using Amazon Connect

With customer expectations at an all-time high, insurance organizations need to deliver superior customer service or they may risk customer churn. To meet evolving customer service demands and increase efficiency, insurers are increasingly turning to digital transformation. Unum partnered with Virtusa to replace its legacy, on-premise IVR with a Conversational cloud IVR, using Amazon Connect. The solution leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to offer intuitive Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and a better customer experience. 

The Challenge

The client’s legacy application was not only costly to maintain but also difficult to scale. Amazon Connect has the flexibility to scale a contact center up or down to any size, onboarding tens of thousands of agents in response to normal business cycles or unplanned events. Besides, the Legacy system demanded extensive manual effort in analyzing customer sentiment, call trends, and agent-customer interactions due to the lack of AI capabilities. Furthermore, this is the first time Unum is building a chat application, thus the need is to have an omnichannel presence for enhanced customer experience where the same bot can be leveraged for both Voice & Chat channels.


Virtusa and Unum: Pioneering the evolution of contact centers

Unum chose Virtusa as their digital technology partner and leveraged the engineering-first approach to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

The Solution

In collaboration with the client, Virtusa developed a robust, cloud-based, automated contact center solution on the AWS platform. We leveraged the following AWS capabilities.

The salient features of the solution include:

  • Amazon Connect for omnichannel cloud contact center - This includes one set of tools for skills-based routing, task management, powerful real-time and historical analytics, and intuitive management tools.
  • Designed the chat establishment architecture in a way to provide a seamless experience to agents and customers.
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to store call recordings
  • Single Sign-On implementation for the Agent Desktop to streamline the process of signing on and using applications – no need to re-enter passwords.
  • Amazon Kinesis to stream metrics to data warehousing solutions.
  • Amazon Lex for speech recognition and natural language functionality where which helps to transform Traditional IVR into Conversational IVR.
Unum Embraces Technology paving the path to digital transformation

AWS Categories and Services

Amazon Connect, Contact Lens, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Lex, Amazon Comprehend, AWS Lambda, AWS KMS, AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store, AWS Secrets Manager, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon CloudFront, AWS CloudFormation, Amazon QuickSight, Amazon Athena & AWS Glue

The Benefit

A Reliable & Scalable cloud-based infrastructure on Amazon Connect which is simple to deploy and manage for agents and supervisors, offered with no up-front payments or long-term contracts, managed as a service, all with pay-by-the-minute usage fees.

The major benefits of the solution included:

  • Improved Platform Stability and Availability
  • 100% Remote agents with quick onboarding & training compared to traditional solutions. ~2500 Agents migrated in 2022
  • Rapid Development and Multi-channel enablement (Live Chat, Chatbot, Email, and Text). Around 8 contact centers delivered a combination of voice, chat, and text features.
  • AI capabilities ensured better routing and conversational IVR, resulting in  fewer calls for the agents
  • Easy integration with the system of records enabling dynamic routing to the right queues, enriching contact data displayed to agents for a quick resolution.
  • From an operational standpoint, self-service IVR improved overall efficiency reducing the need for agent intervention 
  • Significant cost savings compared to traditional contact center solutions - Amazon Connect costs less than legacy contact center systems. With Amazon Connect you pay only for what you use, plus any associated telephony and messaging charges. Besides, there are no minimum monthly fees, long-term commitments, or upfront license charges, and pricing is not based on peak capacity, agent seats, or maintenance. 
  • Easily scale to meet unpredictable demand - Amazon Connect has the flexibility to scale your contact center. As part of the AWS cloud, we can support our customers by accessing Amazon Connect from anywhere in the world on a secure, reliable, and highly scalable infrastructure. All you need is a supported web browser and an internet connection to engage with customers from anywhere.


Maximize operational capabilities through AWS cloud

Accelerating your cloud-first business transformation

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