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UsAgainstAlzheimer's partners with Virtusa

to manage and enhance their revolutionary BrainGuide® platform with AWS Technologies

Our client, UsAgainstAlzheimer's (UsA2), exists to conquer Alzheimer's disease. Since its founding in 2010, they have taken on the most challenging problems in the fight to end Alzheimer's. The urgency to find effective treatments and the prevention steps needed to reach a time where no one is lost to Alzheimer's drives their work. UsA2 has partnered with Virtusa for support in managing their BrainGuide® ( IT infrastructure and operations, providing ongoing development, UX/UI, graphic design, and platform maintenance.

The Challenge

6.2 Million people are living with Alzheimer's disease today in America, and many do not know the next step for themselves or their loved ones. People struggle to find the right information and guidance on brain health or Alzheimer’s. Not knowing where to start and being afraid to ask for help also hinders addressing the issue.

UsA2 developed BrainGuide as a first-of-its-kind platform that is empowering people with knowledge and resources to take the best next steps in managing their own or loved one's brain health. It has a memory questionnaire and tailored resources to help individuals better understand Alzheimer's. BrainGuide® provides a free, confidential memory questionnaire that one can take over the phone or online in either English or Spanish. It is designed to be an interactive experience where the users answer conversational questions. Users are provided tailored education and resources based on the answers provided. The core of the conversational service is built on Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex, a service for building conversational interfaces to develop a unified voice and web chat experience.

The Solution

Virtusa provides ongoing development, UX/UI, graphic design, and platform operations and maintenance across a wide range of AWS technologies used in the BrainGuide platform. Throughout the engagement, our team is responsible for the following:

  • Working with the BrainGuide team to define the Product Roadmap, Requirements, and Backlog 
  • Manage all delivery work utilizing Scrum, manage releases, control costs, and create executive communication. 
  • Design conversation workflow and UI/UX experience 
  • Enhance and maintain analytics framework 
  • Monitor conversation, synthesize feedback, and provide intelligence.
  • Enhance Web Site, including SEO, Analytics, Web Bot, and page layouts changes 
  • Maintain and monitor AWS Infrastructure 
  • Manage security and access control 
  • Manage security incidents and responses 
  • Maintain knowledgebase documentation 
  • Monitoring Alert Management 
  • Performance Monitoring 
  • Environment management (Dev, Test, Prod) utilizing CI/CD tools 
  • Support case management 


AWS Services used and supported:

  • Amazon Connect 
  • Amazon Lex 
  • AWS Lambda 
  • Amazon Pinpoint 
  • Amazon CloudWatch 
  • Amazon S3 
  • Amazon CloudFront 
  • Amazon Route53 
  • Amazon API Gateway 
  • Amazon QuickSight 
  • Amazon DynamoDB 
  • AWS Trusted Advisor 
  • AWS Cost Explorer 
  • AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Azure Cloud Migration Solution
The Benefit

UsA2 and BrainGuide® experienced significant improvements in efficiency, security, cost optimization, observability, and performance optimization.

While the engagement is ongoing, initial benefits include the following:

250% improved website performance

Automated QA Testing and health checks

Implemented Geo Targeted resources to better target and assist users

Maintained low-tech debt and significantly improved the security profile

Implemented dynamic resources based on the results of the user's journey

Expanded the number of pages and site resources by 5x.

Improved site Search Engine Optimization to increase organic traffic

Increased user completion and conversion rates

Implemented Detailed Site Analytics to understand the User Journey

Numerous site improvements to enhance user experience.


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