Intelligent payment operations

Build efficient and resilient operations for enhanced user experience

Organizations today face the significant challenge of transforming their business models and switching from legacy technology-driven systems to meet the diverse demands of the new era in payment processes and operations. Historically, payment processes have been labor-intensive and yielded poor results. Traditional collections and reconciliations involve longer life cycles, low ROI, and ever-increasing frustration between the multiple calls made to customers, the return calls with long holds, and the back-and-forth exchange of documents and payment negotiations.

Due to increasing competition and digitization, organizations today realize the necessity of an agile process and modernization toward Payments to add value. Virtusa’s payment process and operation services combine a strategic vision and a thoughtful approach toward providing a smooth, cost-effective, and flexible process to manage payments and operations. 

Key features

Virtusa’s distinguished digital operations services and innovative technology combine decades of industry-specific experience with leading-edge functionality that:

  • maximizes insight
  • streamlines efficiency
  • boosts profitability

Our solutions include:

  • KYC reconciliation – fast-tracking banks and financial institutions KYC reconciliation processes and updating relevant policies.
  • Dispute management - help businesses refine customer communication by resolving issues and disputes and offering various customer-oriented feedback.
  • Issue resolutions – assist companies in understanding their issues and develop practical solutions through targeted guidance.
  • Payments and invoice verifications – add more control over internal processing functions with tracking functionality and improve the processing speed of vendor payments and invoices.
  • Cards and rewards points – formulate and develop point-based customer loyalty programs, engagement, and referral/reward programs to keep valued customers happy and satisfied. 
  • Gift cards and deals management – manage all gift cards and deal programs, including production, customer service, fraud control, and compliance.
Intelligent payment operations - Key Features

Key benefits

The value of moving to a digital operations strategy includes the following:

Improving turnaround time for payments

Faster KYC reconciliation

Lower the cost of customer interaction

Enhance the customer experience

Success story

Ensuring optimum content relevancy

Our client, the world’s leading hi-tech conglomerate, wanted to enhance their user experience by creating relevant and contextualized content and solving ad-revenue problems. As the preferred partner, Virtusa offered ad curation services which enabled the client to address 10.1 million URLs each year and increase its traffic by 27%. We improve the quality leads by 34%, content relevancy by 75%, and ensuring an improved user experience.



Success story

Transforming user experience

Our client, a global hi-tech company, urgently needed to optimize the user experience and search relevancy with utmost quality. Virtusa offered ad rating services and rated 20.4 million ads to enhance AI & ML capabilities. By constantly maintaining a 98% quality target, we helped the client expand their operations to EMEA and Japan.


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