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Enterprises need to reinvent and transform themselves to remain relevant. Legacy systems often act as impediments to digital transformation initiatives; at the same time, they provide critical capabilities to run day-to-day operations. At Virtusa, we understand the challenges; therefore, our solutions are designed to help you harvest previous investments, reduce time, cost, and risk of modernization, and build a modern platform for the future.

Triple R

Move your existing Pega applications into a modernized, fully integrated Platform-as- a-service cloud environment.



Revive business areas where the technology has reached its maximum usefulness by harvesting assets and enabling new platforms.


Reimagining Omni-Channel Communication Experience
Reimagining Omni-Channel Communication Experience

Virtusa’s ROCE optimizes all customer conversation channels to help organizations increase operational efficiency and enhance customer experience. By providing a comprehensive view of information across the enterprise, it enables faster turnaround times for business transactions.


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