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Virtusa's Innovative CAI, DevOps, and AWS Solution for a biotechnology giant

Another groundbreaking collaboration to transform customer support as we know it. A pioneering biotechnology company has joined forces with Virtusa and teamed up with tech giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) to unleash the power of Conversational Artificial Intelligence (CAI). The healthcare provider is on a mission to revolutionize customer interactions and support services using the cutting-edge technology of CAI. With Virtusa's expertise and the backing of AWS, they're set to redefine the landscape of customer support and engagement.

Before we dive into how Virtusa’s solution helped the client, let us look at the challenges that needed to be addressed.

The Challenge

The client is establishing a Conversational Artificial Intelligence (CAI) capability for its internal US patient services and external Alzheimer's patient advocacy group called UsAgainstAlzheimer’s.  The creation and ongoing support of the CAIs needed to be done in a managed services model where development and operations support (DevOps) services are executed. 

The following are a few challenges that need to be addressed through CAI: 

  • Providing a scalable interface for both internal client employees and external resources such as patients, physicians, family, et al., to address Alzheimer’s inquiries.  
  • Significantly reducing the number of person-person touch points and thus reducing overall support costs. 
  • Maximizing re-use of the environment as new, similar products are released in the future.
The Solution

Virtusa’s managed services model, in partnership with AWS, is helping to provide operational transition and ongoing DevOps support for CAI solutions. The solution is comprised of a healthcare provider’s internal virtual assistant that will allow quick scaling for Alzheimer’s support through the automation of routine customer interaction.

The following are the features that are being implemented:  

  • Developed and ran an initial hybrid managed services model to provide daily CAI DevOps Services.
  • Introducing proven managed services into the CAI service model that are intended to enable cost mitigation outcomes and results achieved over time.
  • Building and transferring the CAI capability to an Alzheimer’s Patient Advocacy Group (PAG).
  • Utilizing and enhancing the existing environment was one of the main goals of this project.

One of the major developments was introducing AI to the system as part of web chat, voice communications, website, and the entire infrastructure. As a result of this development, human intervention has been reduced by leaving little to no scope for errors. One of the major achievements is that more than 50% of the calls are now addressed by AI.

Virtusa's Innovative CAI, DevOps, and AWS Solution for a biotechnology giant

The following are the technologies that helped us develop the best solution for the client:


AWS Organizations, AWS Control Tower, AWS SSO, AWS GuardDuty, Security Hub, S3, DynamoDB, CloudFront

Voice bot

AWS Lex, Connect, Lambda, Pinpoint

Webchat bot

Chatbot Framework, Integration with voice (Lex/Connect) workflows, Integrate with website


ReactJs, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AWS, AWS QuickSight Analytics

The Benefit

The DevOps service and support model offers the biotechnology company and the patient network a CAI capability in a highly scalable and transferable mode across the client’s entities.  This includes: 

  • Maintaining AWS infrastructure for easy transferability purposes between different entities. 
  • Quickly scaling services for Alzheimer’s support through automation and customer interactions.
Virtusa AWS Healthcare solutions

Virtusa’s AWS cloud offerings help healthcare and life sciences organizations accelerate digital transformation and provide value-based care.

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