Zinnov ranked Virtusa in the ‘Leadership Zone’ for overall ER&D Services

Virtusa named in the ‘Leadership Zone’ in Engineering, Research, and Development (ER&D) Services and four other segments in Zinnov’s annual report.



Zinnov published its annual ‘Zinnov Zones for ER&D Services – 2021’ ratings that assessed global service providers’ competencies, capabilities, and market success for ER&D services. The assessment screened the process of designing and developing a device, equipment, assembly, platform, or application that these providers produce as a product for sale through software development or manufacturing process.

The report states that organizations continue to invest in ER&D despite the pandemic and estimates the total spend will reach USD 2.1 Trillion by 2024, with digital engineering accounting for half of the spend.

The report also includes Zinnov’s global analysis and rankings for ER&D service providers on their level of specialization, R&D practice maturity (depth and maturity of services), innovation and IP, ecosystem linkages, client feedback, and overall Practice Scalability across 30+ parameters and sub-parameters.

Based on the above analysis, Zinnov ranked Virtusa in the ‘Leadership Zone’ for overall ER&D Services.

Testifying Virtusa’s deep engineering heritage and domain-specific expertise, we also received leadership recognition for Digital Engineering Services, ER&D-US, and vertical-specific capabilities in enterprise software and micro-vertical telehealth.

Virtusa helps organizations shape their digital transformation goals to meet customer needs and succeed through innovation and technology. By empowering businesses with intelligent insights, automation, AI/ML, robotics, and more, Virtusa drives client success by enabling them to achieve operational excellence and the agility to scale for the future.

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