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Covid-led transformation in healthcare

Delivering remote care with innovative solutions

Sarfaraz Nawaz,

Associate Director-Technology

Published: October 25, 2022
Covid-led Transformation in Healthcare - Download White Paper

Providers began to pivot when the Covid-19 pandemic precipitated increased demand for remote care. Because digitalized systems do not require physical documentation or in-person consultation, they became lifelines during a time of new and unique challenges. Traditional, paper-based forms of communication – for both patients and employees – could no longer scale. Technologies considered optional or luxury, like video consultations and chatbot assistance, became vital and standard in an overwhelmed system. In 2022, it is clear that telehealth is here to stay.

Download our whitepaper to learn about the digital solutions that address patient needs. Since 2018, the healthcare industry’s adoption of Salesforce has grown by approximately 35%. Within Salesforce offerings, key features include medication and appointment management, exception monitoring, and digital screenings. As remote care becomes even more normalized and adopted globally, these technologies will benefit from greater adoption and further innovation. 

Key benefits

  • A significant reduction in manual processes
  • A reduction in prior authorization rejections 
  • An increase in patient conversion  
  • Innovative and industry-leading prior authorization implementation

Download the white paper

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