Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

Virtusa is committed to creating an equal opportunity workplace and community for all. We aim to enable a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we nurture high-performing engineering talent through continuous learning and personalized employee success journeys.

Our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy is augmented by investments in technology and security systems to enable our teams to operate remotely regardless of geographical or social boundaries. By doing so, we have helped individuals and teams with diverse backgrounds and experiences collaborate globally. Furthermore, we are committed to creating an equal opportunity workplace and community – growing women into leadership roles with coaching and training in leadership and flexible work options.

DEI partnerships

Our DEI council is responsible for identifying goals based on our DEI focus areas at a corporate level, tracking performance, and providing governance and oversight to various DEI programs and initiatives.

Our initiatives:

  • Partnering with a third-party to develop inclusivity and unconscious bias training for all employees
  • Increasing gender diversity hiring in our workforce from 32% female (FY22) to 40% female by FY26
  • Increase supplier diversity from 46% to 58% by 2026
  • Promoting equity and inclusion and increasing diversity hiring through the exploration of multiple partnerships
  • Partnering with Case Western Reserve University to implement our Women Leaders Program (WLP)
  • As part of our Women of Virtusa (WoV) employee resources group, we have initiated mentorship programs for women, panel discussions on work-life balance, and spotlighting inspiring women leadership stories within the organization.



Career insights

Want to explore the ways you can engineer your career in technology? Our thought leaders share key career insights for candidates from entry-level job seekers to senior technologists.


Equity hackathon

To close the gap in gender equity, we hosted an engineering equity hackathon for women tech students across the globe.


Accessibility support

We ensure all our digital platforms and office environments meet global accessibility and enablement standards to provide all Virtusa employees with an accessible working environment. The Virtusa Facilities Design and Build requires all offices and facilities to implement accessibility features, such as wheelchair access.


Our core values - passion, innovation, respect, and leadership (PIRL), coupled with our ethics and compliance program, form the cornerstone of our business philosophy and provide the ethical standards by which we interact with our clients, contractors, and each other.

Our ethics and compliance program is enforced through our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, anti-bribery and corruption policies, sustainability policies, human rights policies, supplier guidelines, and whistleblower reporting procedures, which apply to all our employees, contractors, and agents across the globe.