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Helping children and rural communities in India

Virtusa CSR supporting Youth for Seva



The Youth for Seva volunteers and Virtusa, helped nearly 18,000 children.

Education and empowerment are an essential part of Virtusa’s broader CSR policy. To facilitate this, Virtusa partnered with Youth for Seva, donating to the platform for young volunteers working towards the betterment of society. With the support of Virtusa, Youth for Seva is working to help government school children who do not have an adequate support system. 

Between April 2021 to March 2022, Youth for Seva, supported by Virtusa, rolled out four different programs:

  • School Adoption 
  • Abhayasika
  • Lab on Wheels
  • COVID-19 isolation centers 

In addition to these programs, our partnership enabled the development of infrastructure, computer labs, and sports facilities for selected schools. 


School Adoption Program

Youth for Seva’s School Adoption Program strives to provide schools with additional infrastructure, volunteer teachers, school kits, and learning materials for enhanced education. The program selected four government schools and helped in setting up the following infrastructure upgrades:

  • A data literacy program and computer labs
  • Smart classes 
  • Co-scholastic learning, including libraries and educational materials
  • Capacity building workshops for teachers
  • Events at school

The School Adoption Program provided dual desks and sanitation facilities to improve students’ academic standards and holistic development, reflecting an increased enrollment, attendance rates, and dropout percentage reduction. 


Virtusa supported Youth for Seva to execute the Abhyasika program, addressing the challenges faced by students in underdeveloped areas. The program facilitated student-centered activities and set up free study rooms near the communities resulting in holistic student development. Some of the activities undertaken as a part of the program are:

  • Social media and legal awareness
  • Financial literacy
  • Civic awareness of road safety
  • Volunteering activities
  • Baseline tests for assessing campaign effectiveness 
  • Health check-ups at the centers
  • Science day field trip to ICMR institute
  • Education training workshops

The program achieved the milestone of connecting the under developed communities with government schools and had an average of 90% attendance with improved quality of education.

Lab on Wheels

Lab on Wheels is an initiative by Youth for Seva supported by Virtusa to bridge the gap between science’s theoretical and practical application among students in schools that lack lab facilities. Youth for Seva volunteers bring scientific equipment to remote schools to demonstrate the real-life application of science topics related to the curriculum and provide hands-on learning. 

Setting up COVID-19 isolation centers

An isolation center facility was set up at Sri Vyasa Avasam, Hanumakonda, Warangal. This isolation center facility was made available for the economically vulnerable section of tribal villages near Hanumakonda, Warangal. 

Helping communities in India

The engagement helped nearly 15,000 school children gain a better learning experience through Lab on Wheels, and around 3,000 children gained an improved school atmosphere. Virtusa’s CSR policy and continued collaboration with Youth for Seva bring positive change to students and a safe, secure, and prosperous community. 

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