A Leading Asian Private Bank Enhances the Customer Experience Through a Digital Lifestyle Solution

In line with the bank’s vision to fulfill tomorrow’s aspiration today, they needed to understand and service tomorrow’s customer — Generation Y — who has most financial services right at their fingertips. The bank was looking for a partner to create a visionary, mobile-based digital lifestyle solution that would be branded and marketed as a unique product, not as a typical banking application.

  • The Challenge

    The product needed to attract customers early on in life and provide continuous financial solutions across these four age groups.

    • Child (6 – 12 years)
    • Teenager (13 – 17 years)
    • Adult (18+ years)
    • Parent (30+ years).
  • The Solution

    Virtusa conducted a six-week Accelerated Solution Design (ASD) session with all relevant stakeholders. Over 50 user journeys were created for various personas with routine playbacks and touch points to gather feedback. These completely digital customer journeys included functional process mapping, UI/UX design, and user acceptance of deliverables. Virtusa used a mobile-first strategy for easy customer onboarding and management.

    Solution Differentiators: gamification, contactless payments, digital onboarding, social media integration, promotions and offers, personalization, crowdfunding and sourcing, budgeting and money management tools, and AI-driven product recommendations.

  • The Benefits

    The bank increased customer acquisition within the age group of six and above, improved customer retention by providing all banking needs within one application, and enhanced the customer experience by laying down the foundation for the client’s digital roadmap.

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