Capital markets

Drive efficiency across the spectrum of your investment operations

Capital markets firms across - investment banks, asset managers and market infrastructure firms are facing fundamental changes due to significant cost pressures, digital transformation, and a dynamic market landscape. Businesses need to adopt new digital solutions and other technology-based strategies that strengthen all facets of their operations, in order to take advantage of this disruption. For capital markets firms, automation is key to drive efficiency across the full spectrum of securities operations with a specific focus on the front office and faster customer onboarding processes, which are essential to providing a competitive customer experience. Other key operations that firms have the opportunity to enhance include straight through processing, collateral management, regulatory compliance, and capital adequacy operations for margin demands and market risk. 

Led by our deep domain expertise, Virtusa has over 25 years of experience providing innovative digital engineering solutions across the banking and financial services (BFS) industry.

Key service areas
  • Application Rationalization and Simplification
    Virtusa’s application rationalization and simplification approach helps you to prioritize application investments by measuring the value they deliver as well as identify overlapping functionalities, unused applications, and bottlenecks across systems. 

  • Reference and Market Data Management
    Virtusa evolved its centralized data platform approach with a focus on cost-optimized, future-ready data services that address issues of latency, data quality, data duplication, change management, and data governance.

  • COTS Product Implementation
    Virtusa offers end-to-end product implementation and support through every stage of your product lifecycle accelerated with reusable assets leading to reduced time to market and better ROI. 

  • Relationship Manager Dashboard
    The Virtusa relationship manager dashboard provides easy access to customer data with built-in analytics to gain more profound insights on your customers’ preferences. 
Capital markets: Key solution areas

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Dramatically increase the success of your digital transformation. Whether developing net new solutions or scaling existing processes and staff worldwide, Virtusa helps you reach your goals in some of today’s most complex and fast-moving use cases.

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