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Virtusa's implements Desktop-as-a-Service to help COA Networks manage a rotating team of independent consultants

COA Networks is a IT solutions company, focused on the development of custom applications for companies ranging from the SMB to the enterprise. Their business focused solutions aim at providing innovation across various business functions in order to increase efficiencies and productivity while reducing total cost of ownership. COA Networks had a rotating team of temporary resources and consultants; this caused operational strain on IT team that needed to quickly provision/de-provision resources based on project needs.

Through an assessment, Virtusa determined that COA Networks's application portfolio would thrive on Amazon WorkSpaces and implemented its Desktop-as-a-Service solution to allow greater IT operational control and reduce management costs.



The Challenge

COA Networks had a development team that was made up of a numerous temporary resources and independent consultants, all working in their own Agile-flavored development framework. There were frequent joiners and leavers on the team - based on expertise needed at specific phases of a project/initiative. This created numerous challenges from an IT systems provisioning standpoint, not to mention increased burden on IT operations and the total cost of ownership (TCO) for the development team. COA Networks needed to find a way to streamline their IT footprint across their development teams while also centralizing IT operations and related elements, such as securing source code that could be taken with contractors who had moved on from COA.

The Solution

Virtusa proposed Amazon WorkSpaces as an end-to-end solution for COA. Virtusa conducted a two-day workshop with the customer that consisted of a layered architecture for desktop and applications delivery assessment. Applications were inventoried and Virtusa discovered that the majority of the applications were online and SAS based. Virtusa leveraged custom code to migrate users and perform post installation configurations. Virtusa's deployment tool, Conn3ctOps, was used to deploy and manage users.

Services provided: Discovery, assessment, design and engineering, vDaaS feasibility analysis, deployment /implementation, operational support

Number of applications deployed in solution:15 Applications

AWS Technologies Utilized in Solution: AWS WorkSpaces, Virtusa Conn3ctOps | Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, CloudFormation, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, SNS, WorkSpaces APIs

The Solution
The Benefit

Results were very positive, and addressed the requirements COA had. COA was now able to centrally manage the entire IT systems provisioning/access model along with ensuring the data and code on the systems was contained within a controlled environment. In addition, their IT operational burden was reduced, by a portal that automated the creation, deletion, and modification of WorkSpaces and providing a dashboard for pro-active diagnostics across the environment. IT support effort for the development teams was also reduced due to the stability and agility of the WorkSpaces platform.

Rapidly Enable Your Remote Workforce

 Virtusa’s Desktop-as-a-Service (vDaaS) solution

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