Virtusa's Desktop-as-a-Service (vDaaS) solution

Rapidly enable your remote workforce

Disaster recovery and maintaining business continuity is essential to keep pace in a competitive global economy that can be unforgiving for any business that encounters unprecedented, adverse scenarios.

For businesses to manage these adverse scenarios, the number one priority is always to ensure the health and safety of their employees. The second is to enable their team to continue their work and keep the business running. While businesses have proved that they are more than capable of ensuring the safety of their employees, many often do not have the operational contingencies needed to quickly enable enterprise-wide remote working and continue the regular pace of business or the ability to scale to meet new business needs in times of crisis.

Virtusa's Desktop-as-a-Service solution (vDaaS) helps businesses that are evaluating their disaster recovery procedures and business continuity capabilities to keep their critical resources in action. Our vDaaS solution helps organizations that are not only looking to manage the potential risks of the future, but also helps those that that are in the midst of managing their business continuity and have recognized gaps.

Virtusa's Desktop-as-a-Service (vDaaS)

vDaaS is a scalable and flexible turnkey solution that can be deployed in just three days to enable your entire global organization to immediately enable remote working. It provides your employees access to their respective digital workspace and secure data anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

The solution does not compromise the experience of working with a powerful desktop. In fact, it's often more power than localized infrastructure or other end user virtualization solutions to enable your team to run without the bottlenecks associated with fixed resource machines.

vDaaS also helps businesses that need to quickly adjust their level of resourcing, whether it's to scale up or scale down - for example, having to onboard a large number of temporary workers to help manage an increased workload. Provisioning physical IT resources adds friction and organizational drag to the onboarding effort, resulting in increased costs and lost opportunity. With vDaaS businesses can easily spin off additional IT resources on corporate or personally owned devices to quickly and flexibly scale per their business needs.

Why vDaaS

  • Fast time to market: Quick deployment model to ensure rapid enablement of a remote workforce

  • Enhanced mobility & flexibility: Flexibility to use the device of choice (such as MAC, PC, tablet) to access workplace environment at anytime from anywhere

  • Infrastructure independent: No dependency on physical hardware on the end user side as well as the IT backend

  • Stronger data security: Avoid data loss and leakage and have a full control on your EUC environments

  • Accommodate multiple user types: From office workers to power users, it accommodates well with users having different requirements

Why Virtusa?

  • Experience | Expertise
    Extensive experience in managing the operational side of the AWS WorkSpaces environment

  • SLA Driven | Centrally Managed
    Service quality guarantees, with defined SLAs for support, maintenance, management

  • Referenceable Clients
    Multiple implementations, integration, and managed services clients, with over 40k actively managed

  • Cost Effective | Monthly OpEx
    Pay Per Use utilization based pricing, with a lower TCO than traditional desktop support models

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