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Virtusa partners with UK bank for Enterprise Agile Transformation at scale

Successfully implemented target operating model and ways of working in under a year

As banks emerge as tech companies, keeping up with industry peers, mitigating threats from competitors, and equipping themselves with the latest technology is critical in the value chain. Our client, a large UK bank, recognized this and decided to transform to Agile working methods to stay ahead in the ever-evolving market. By embracing Agile ways of working, the bank can now take advantage of opportunities in new technology and be more adaptable and responsive to dynamic business needs. It would also enable their customers to take advantage of the latest technologies.

With over 15 years of experience, we have engaged in various Lines of Business (LOBs) with this bank, which chose us again for their Agile transformation project. Our critical focus points for the project were:

  • A unified way of working across service lines 
  • Transparency throughout the chain 
  • Excellent communication between agile coaches
The Challenge
The Challenge

The client was facing some significant challenges that were affecting their business outcomes in multiple areas which included:

  • Inconsistent alignment of their playbook and blueprint 
  • Difficulty adapting and sustaining practical and effective working methods
  • Struggling to drive their target operating model across all service lines from the top down. 

Despite having Agile transformation on their radar for years, they were unsuccessful in implementation until they engaged Virtusa to lead the way.

The Solution

Virtusa recommended a three-phase approach to successfully implement Agile transformation for each value stream within their wholesale technology, with each phase delivering some outcome to meet the customer expectation.


Designed to bring newly formed POD teams up to the minimum level of operational agility. This 8-week program assesses the team's current maturity level and starts the coaching to increase by at least one maturity level. 


Driving cross-pollination through role-based chapters and communities of practice (COPs). Our goal is to stabilize the implementation of ceremonies and make them self-sustained with clear roles and responsibilities. In the next four weeks, we will observe and assess the sustainability of what we've taught and make adjustments where needed.

Maturity coaching

We helped them institutionalize practices and scale their maturity by 2-3 levels. Our minimum 4+ week program gave our clients the tools and resources to succeed.

Our solution also included the following:

  • Multiple Hub-and-Spoke models
  • Agile practices for teams at different levels, including central team, line of business, and service line levels
  • Open chapters for product owners and Scrum Masters at the service line level so that the client can create communities of practice explicitly tailored to their individual needs.
  • Community of practice across the entire wholesale IT instead of only at the service line level 
  • Breaking the silos of different service lines and bringing them together in a chapter to share best practices for work. 
  • Dashboard for visualizing metrics across various agile, engineering, and DevOps practices to view real-time progress and take corrective measures.
Virtusa partners with UK bank for Enterprise Agile Transformation at scale
The Benefit

Business objectives

The program helped the client achieve their business objectives by improving their time to market, reducing defects, making releases predictable, and visualizing real-time metrics. 

Predictable delivery

Almost 90% of the product oriented delivery (small-scale scrum teams) graduated into predictable throughput sprint-on-sprint, with impressive velocity and commitment ratio.

Maturity and culture

Achieved an Agile maturity level of between Level 3 and 3.65 with an average increase in maturity by two levels.

  • Additionally, the team's agile behaviors have increased to nearly 90% adherence, demonstrating our commitment to agile collaboration, leadership, and continuous learning.
  • We increased agile behavior from 40-50% to 90% by implementing changes in mindset and culture.
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