Agile transformation at scale

Drive team agility at a sustainable pace

Businesses face constant pressure to adapt to the enterprise scale for meeting the ever-changing demands of their customer. This requires them to focus on delighting customers, providing customizable solutions, supporting teams, embracing technology as a strategic enabler, and fostering agile working methods. However, many organizations need help addressing these key elements leading to unsuccessful agile transformations. The success factors to drive agile transformation include:

  • Agile culture and mindset
  • Right organization structure
  • Benefits of visualization and communication
  • Leadership involvement and commitment
  • Ability to adapt to change
  • Transparency
  • Ability to inspect and adopt
Leveraging its expertise in frameworks and supporting assets, Virtusa enables companies to achieve successful large-scale transformations.


Agile Transformation is a journey comprising various stages of maturity, which are determined by the characteristics demonstrated by an organization and the outcomes they achieve. Many organizations are unable to produce the expected outcome despite demonstrating the attributes at a particular maturity level. This is where Virtusa has the expertise to help organizations scale on the maturity curve and achieve the desired results.

Virtusa has developed a highly effective framework for continuous sustainable delivery transformation. This framework, combined with a vast collection of assets and reusable templates, enables organizations to achieve speed and meaningful insights in the delivery pipeline. Our exclusive frameworks for agile transformation include:

  • SWIFT Assessment Framework
  • OPERA Transformation Framework
  • Transformation Roadmap
  • Prioritization Heatmaps

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