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Virtusa helps a large Australian bank save $1.2M by moving its legacy monolith platform to AWS public cloud

Our client, a leading Australian bank, successfully migrated their EOL on-prem Pega applications to the AWS cloud using Virtusa's Recon, Refactor, and Replatform (Triple R) methodology. High maintenance cost and over-dependence on legacy applications brought down the overall operational efficiency, and the client sought to partner with Pega's oldest partner - Virtusa, to address their transformation goals and decrease their time to market by 50%.



The Challenge

The bank had multiple Pega applications across functions that were on-premise approaching End of Life. This resulted in excess maintenance cost, longer downtime, and increased cycle time in manual deployment of applications. The monolith application stack caused delayed response to customer demands and longer cycle times to technology changes.

The Solution

Vitusa's Triple R methodology helps significantly reduce infra cost, improve operational excellence, reduce time to market, and enhance the customer experience.

With the help of the Recon tool, we performed an overall health check of all Pega applications across functions to identify key violations. Using our Accelerated Solution Design (ASD) capabilities, we assessed current state operations and technology capabilities to develop a target operating model and roadmap for a phased approach of migration. This highly collaborative, creative process also enhanced the collaboration between business stakeholders, actual users, designers, and architects.

Some of the key changes included: database migration of SQL 2008 to AWS RDS SQL 2014. M5.24x rds instances, Pega application upgrade to 7.4 and 8.2 on AWS Cloud, and app server migration from to Tomcat. We also migrated the collections app from Oracle on-premise stack to the cloud on AWS RDS.

Virtusa enhanced the application leveraging Pega's lean microservices-based models. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) practices were implemented to automate and iteratively enhance the application deployment process.

Overall, the client experienced operational excellence across its banking services that further enhanced customer experience.

The Solution
The Benefit

The client experienced significantly improved outcomes by migrating the Pega on-prem monolith to AWS cloud.

Some of the key results they achieved were:

  • $1.2M annual cost savings by moving its legacy monolith Pega platform to AWS cloud
  • Accelerated delivery of new initiatives on the cloud by 50%
  • 100% system stability and 99.99% system uptime on the cloud
  • Enhanced end-user experience by leveraging ASD
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