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A top global bank reduced customer service inquiry resolution days by 46%

With Process Mining

The Challenge

A custom-built application for the customer service team at a top global bank was meant to reduce case processing times and improve customer service. While the application helped streamline receiving and resolving customer inquiries, the team was still unable to reach its goal of solving each case within 15 minutes or less. The bank's actual average resolution time was more than 60 minutes per case.    

The Solution

Virtusa identified three areas for optimal improvement with process mining.

We extracted and analyzed cases from the customer service application and created an audit trail to uncover workflow inefficiencies. We identified case flipping, wait time, and aging cases as three areas for improvement to reduce average handling time.

We focused on these workflow improvements:

  • Case flipping: Cases were assigned to the wrong agents causing the service team to flip them to the investigations team without taking any action.
    We upskilled the service team and trained them to take the correct first action on frequent case types such as Beneficiary Claims, Non-receipt, and Unable to Apply. 

  • Wait time: Customers experienced long wait times for payment message repair scenarios. 
    We automated the resolutions of common repair scenarios and identified unwanted repairs to remove them from the workflow, to reduce wait times. 

  • Aging cases: Cases were kept in a pending start for over five days without anyone acting on them.
    We compared cycle times across regions and countries to identify best practices for case handling. Then, we empowered the regional service managers to monitor aging cases against KPIs with a near real-time view.


Process Mining Solutions
The Benefit

By identifying inefficiencies with Process Mining, we helped the client reduce manual effort and improve their customer experience.

  • Decreased average days to resolution by 46%
  • Improved calls handled in less than 15 minutes by 30%
  • Reduced manual effort for customer service operations by over 20%


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