success story

Providing zero-touch automation to deliver savings of $1M USD annually

Our client, one of the top banks in the UK, was struggling with multiple versions of tools being used across the organization. They were looking to streamline it in an agile manner and reduce costs simultaneously.



The Challenge
  • Usage of unsupported version control tools that had to be migrated to new tools
  • No code analysis tool, typically part of Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Manually triggered builds and lack of CI set-up
  • No build dependencies or artifact management tools, typically a standard feature of Continuous Deployment (CD)
  • No tagging or labeling of builds as per standard SCM & RM best practices
The Solution
The Solution
  • Automate hand-offs between teams within Dev & Ops
  • Enablement of CI, CD, CT, and CM
  • Bootstrap best practices across development, testing, and release management
  • Agile development tools and practices, environments and release management, and automated testing
  • Assess implementation progress against standard maturity indices
  • Build agility among project teams to increase efficiency
  • Competency based horizontal services resulting in scalability across apps
The Benefit


  • Benefit of $1M+/annum leading to reduced cycle time
  • Saved ~104 man days for every release
  • Sixty-five percent increase in environment uptime (CD)
  • Twenty-five percent increase in test coverage (CT)


  • Zero touch deployment
  • No dependency and associated wait time
  • Complete traceability
  • Time reduction
  • Consistency and scalability
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