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Productivity and scalability for a high-tech giant's network planning and management processes

The client is a giant in the high tech industry and has billions of users worldwide. They wanted to modernize their global network of data centers to serve their customers better. However, the third party application used for network planning was an impediment to their growth plans. They chose to partner with Virtusa considering our expertise in digital engineering and the experience of handling large scale transformation projects.



The Challenge

The client had been using a proprietary third-party application for most of their network planning and deployment processes, as well as inventory tracking. They faced multiple issues in using the application. The app data resided on a myriad of applications and spreadsheets, with a majority on user desktops. Not only did this setup pose a significant security risk, it also was not scalable in line with the growth of data centers and their assets. Synchronizing data across multiple desktops entailed substantial overheads. The client had standardized processes and software for internal engineering functions. Interoperability between network and internal infrastructure was key to the success of a solution that would address these challenges.

The Solution

The client chose Virtusa to architect and build a solution that would alleviate their issues with the third-party application, and at the same time, lay a foundation for the application to keep pace with the growth of their infrastructure. With this mandate, the engineering team from Virtusa implemented a solution that seamlessly integrated the third-party application with the client's infrastructure and DevOps processes, provided structured data integration pipelines, and added features that enabled forecasting, planning, and analytics. The application was developed in Python on Google AppEngine. The primary drivers for the choice of programming language were:

  • Reusability of code, since many of the common functions had already been developed within the organization
  • Better integration with the organization's back-office functions
  • Availability and scalability characteristics built into the platform

Over time, the solution evolved to reduce dependencies on the third-party application. Most of its functions were being served over the client's private cloud infrastructure, which in turn helped reduce costs by leveraging the availability and redundancy SLAs of the private cloud. Virtusa continues to be an essential partner of the client's network teams- rolling out new features on a regular basis and expanding the footprint of the application to other groups in the client's organization.

The Solution
The Benefit

With the custom solution from Virtusa, the client was able to use a single system to manage network infrastructure, forecast and plan for growth, and receive information abstracted to -and meaningful for -all levels of the organization. Considering the application's architecture, functionalities, and ease of use, the client implemented it across all of their network planning, deployment, and inventory tracking processes.

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