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Virtusa helps a Leading Media Solutions Company Optimize Costs by Introducing Microservices on Google Cloud

The client is a leading American mobile technology company offering targeted placement and tracking of advertisements on computers, mobile phones, and end-point systems such as cash registers. Their products collect data on how their clients' ads perform in terms of consumer exposure. The need to be more nimble and agile to their client's needs led them on a journey to digitally transform systems and processes. The client embarked on a project to lay down the cloud foundation on Google Cloud and migrate its real-time bidding platform to the Google Cloud from Rackspace. Virtusa needed to migrate the real-time bidding platform with 10+ million requests per minute to the cloud.

The Challenge
  • Evaluate AWS and Google Cloud for Mobile Ads Real Time Bidding platform; to pick public cloud with best price-to-performance ratio
  • Convert Monolith app into Microservices architecture and deploy/manage Microservices containers on Google Cloud using Kubernetes(GKE).
The Solution
  • Architecture and design for Google CLoud.
  • Automate provisioning/de-provisioning of infrastructure and Kubernetes cluster using Terraform and deployment manager scripts.
  • Automate provisioning of middleware services and workloads on Google Cloud using Ansible
  • Fine-tune infrastructure (VMs, LB, network) to ensure SLAs of 100ms response time for ~75k RPS on RTB servers
  • Provision CloudSQL with failover replication
  • Cloud VPN setup from on-prem to Google Cloud to provide secure access to Cloud VMs
  • Integration with Stackdriver for monitoring/logging.
The Solution
The Benefit
  • Cost optimization
  • Performance improvement
  • Business agility and deployment on demand
  • Migration complete in under ten weeks
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