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A leading US based insurance provider enhanced omnichannel customer experience and achieved 30% cost optimization

With AWS connect


In today’s digital world, businesses need to have a secured and accurate method of handling information from various payment channels in their ecosystem, including vendors, partners, and customers. However, diverse channels and formats prevent real-time data reporting resulting in an ineffectual customer experience.

Our client is a frontrunner in providing insurance solutions to industries of all sizes. The challenge was to have a single centralized solution that could converge multiple channels like voice and chats into a single command center application. However, they faced challenges in leveraging existing and new technologies for a seamless user journey across diversified channels and different modes of payment.

Virtusa, as a strategic partner, assisted the client in the end-to-end implementation of a single omnichannel platform with AWS connect by modernizing the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform using cutting-edge services like LEX as natural language chatbots.

The Challenge

Some of the significant challenges faced by our client were - 

  • Integration of their existing disparate systems and data to facilitate proactive, context-aware, consistent, and seamless user journeys across channels and platforms
  • Lack of customer journey-based approaches that focused on business KPIs to deliver the technology roadmap
  • Absence of Reporting and visualization to help in data analysis to drive real-time decisioning
The Solution

Virtusa, in association with AWS, used Amazon Connect services to revamp IVR and chat applications, including self-service, post-call survey, callback options, dynamic routing, and enhanced reporting for the entire contact center. In addition, QuickSight was used to create custom reports and visualizations for enhanced analysis and reporting. The salient features of this one-stop solution included:

  • Single sign-on implementation for the agent desktop to streamline the process of the sign on to use the applications
  • Natural language chatbots using LEX to reduce human interaction wherever possible
  • Design and implementation of the chat architecture to provide a chat facility to interact with agents and stakeholders for inquiries and confirmation seamlessly   
  • Complex cloud formation templates that could build the complete infrastructure for agent desktop, including binding multiple resources/ and hosting the website
Cost optimization solution for a leading insurance provider in US with AWS connect
The Benefit
  • ~30% cost optimization through 100% remote agent desktop
  • Enhanced customer experience with omnichannel 24x7 responses 
  • Reduced agent onboarding time to less than one day  
  • Reduced agent training time to one week 
  • Scalable and reliable cloud-based infrastructure with AWS Connect 
  • Self-service options to address queries in less than a minute over IVR
  • Real-time reporting of customized vital metrics for agents through QuickSight
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