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A major investment firm simplifies fund performance reporting with Virtusa Wealth Personalization solution

In wealth management, too many data collection and sourcing methods can convolute results. The Virtusa Wealth Personalization solution can streamline the wealth management process by curating data to provide financial recommendations that are tailored to your clients’ specific needs.

The Challenge

The client acquired two key fund management companies: a Chicago-based leading hedge fund provider, and a Swiss-based hedge fund provider. With the acquisition, the client gained multiple sources of performance data for the acquired funds’ portfolios. The client also began to have difficulty aggregating the necessary data from these sources in a timely manner.


The Solution

The client partnered with Virtusa to develop an integrated information system for multiple sources, which was enabled with comprehensive oversight and with access across all accounts owned by the acquired firms.

Virtusa focused on implementing the following operations and process workflows:

  • Writing an in-depth analysis of the client's aggregated transaction data
  • Collecting order performance data from various sources
  • Creating customized customer portfolios to provide intelligent investment advice for clients
  • Analyzing, designing, and developing the project components
  • Identifying fund performance using performance charts, statistics, fund allocation, and contribution charts
Wealth Personalization Solution
The Benefit

By streamlining the data aggregation and sourcing processes, we helped the client decommission six legacy systems, and provided them with a single application workflow. The system ensures reliable and accurate fund performance and statistics reporting.

With our solution in place, the client was able to:

Save $1.5 million in post-implementation costs
Improve operational processes and workflows with a revamped and scalable architecture
Our solution can transform the way your clients manage their wealth

The smart path to wealth management

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