Wealth Personalization

The smart path to wealth management

In wealth management, data collection and sourcing can sometimes become convoluted, making it difficult to gain accurate insights. Current wealth management platforms are missing a crucial middleware solution - one that creates personalized investment advice tailored to the clients' specific needs.

What if you could produce unique financial recommendations for your clients by using an intelligent engagement solution across multiple digital channels?

The Virtusa Wealth Personalization solution is a one-stop source for all market data and insights. With the ability to seamlessly integrate with the wealth-management workflow, the Virtusa Wealth Personalization solution raises customer engagement levels to ensure a rewarding investment experience. This can help increase your relationship management (RM) productivity, boost sales, and grow the assets under management (AUM).

The three pillars of our solution are:

  • Infrastructure - API-first infrastructure for wealth managers’ digital engagement
  • Idea generation - technology-driven investment intelligence for relationship managers and investment advisors
  • Customized portfolio - automated investment intelligence for clients
Key features

The solution equips wealth management firms with several beneficial features to streamline workflows and boost customer engagement

Customized portfolio

  • Automated investment intelligence for clients
  • Cloud data lake - central financial content repository

Data collection and personalization engine

  • Helps banks and financial investors track client’s persona, portfolio, and preferences
  • Delivers personalized insights and financial recommendations
  • Curates market analysis and data sourcing

Omnichannel engagement

  • Allows cross-channel communication between advisors and clients
  • Allows clients to create custom watchlists and feeds
Virtusa Wealth Personalization Solution - Key Features
Key benefits

This solution curates and creates actionable data and content, such as customized financial advice and investment ideas that are tailored to the clients’ individual needs

These personalized offerings improve customer engagement and lead to higher customer lifetime value. With our cutting-edge technology, we set up cloud content repositories and data processing capabilities for wealth management firms, thus allowing access to valuable market data and next-level investment intelligence.

Wealth management firms can leverage predictive and adaptable data analytics to keep track of a client’s persona, portfolio, and preferences.

Financial advisors and mass affluent advisors can save time and increase productivity with automated data collection.

Clients can create their own custom feeds and watchlists and have access to cross-channel communication with their financial advisors.

Customers can engage with push notifications that offer personalized insights.

Our partners

We partnered with leading cloud-solution providers who are experts in creating and implementing user-friendly and cost-effective multi-cloud applications and advanced artificial intelligence systems within the financial services industry.

Why Virtusa?

The Virtusa Wealth Personalization solution brings a customizable approach to wealth management; it adapts to your organization’s workflows and answers to your client's individual financial needs.

Our engineering and digital transformational abilities help banks integrate an omnichannel personalization solution within their private banking and wealth management platforms. With domain expertise in wealth management and technological prowess, Virtusa works with a select network of partners, including Amazon Web Services and Moxtra, to deliver globally acclaimed implementation services.

With our help, companies can:

  • Improve the daily working lives of their employees (investment managers, data scientists, research analysts, relationship managers, independent advisors, and IT managers)
  • Enhance user engagement and experience and increase customer retention

Success story

Top U.S. bank reduces operational costs by 25% with global trust management system

Virtusa created a global trust platform for a major bank, digitizing the client’s trust processes into a single platform with access to multiple channels. Our approach reduced the bank’s costs by 25%, increased operational efficiency by 15%, and improved the overall user experience.

Success story

A major investment firm simplifies fund performance reporting with information integration system

Virtusa helped a major investment firm simplify its fund-performance reporting with a robust information integration system, allowing them to gain omniscient access to all the accounts originally owned by their acquired firms.