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Global search giant reduces testing efforts by 60%

 with Virtusa's accessibility testing solution

Billions of people across the world use our client's app every day. The client wanted to expand its digital reach and expedite feature releases. Virtusa deployed the automated accessibility testing solution and helped significantly improve time to market and customer experience while reducing manual efforts and testing cycle time.

The Challenge

The testing process was highy manual and processing involved cumbersome navigations. The testing cycle took 20 working days to complete and this impacted the release frequency leading to delayed time to market of new features in an industry where competitors released new features more frequently. Some of the challenges they faced were:

  • Functional and accessibility testing done sequentially
  • Multiple, disparate screen readers
  • Infrequent release schedule
The Solution

Virtusa developed an automated functional and accessibility testing solution that helped execute tests and reporting with minimal manual effort.

We deployed state-of-the-art screen reader, color contrast analyzer, talk back, and voice over tools. Our solution included:

  • An automation tool to take snapshots of the Document Object Model’s (DOM) accessibility tree
  • Automatic comparison of new test images with the golden/reference images
  • A comprehensive reporting of the differences to the user
Accessibility Testing Solution
The Benefit

The client was able to run a highly lean and nimble testing process by leveraging Virtusa's automated accessibility testing.

  • It has contributed to delivering greater customer experience along with:
  • 60% reduction of manual effort
  • A closure of the entire functional and accessibility testing process within an hour's time by enabling parallel processing of both the testing requirements
  • Support for daily releases
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