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Digital Engagement Platform for Sports Entertainment

Our client, a tier-1 communication service provider, foresaw an opportunity as customers were inclined to move towards a service provider who offered better content services. To take on the competitors head-on, the client decided to grow from its existing consumer broadband services business and foray into content providing business. Leveraging their strong networks, the client wanted to deliver content services to other operators and enterprise customers. As the client's existing stack had multiple legacy platforms with almost minimal self-service options, the client decided to build a new enterprise digital content platform. Virtusa and Oracle were chosen by the client to build this new platform and grow its subscriber base.



The Challenge

The key business challenges faced by the client include:

  • Multiple, complex customer front- end systems leading to poor customer experience
  • Long product launch time (90-120 days)
  • No consistent experience between the portal and the mobile app
The Solution

To address the client's challenges, Virtusa started-off with a phased engagement plan to deliver a digital platform. The key highlights include:

  • Rationalized customer front-end systems across lines of business to build a single and unified enterprise-wide digital platform
  • Designed and developed rich UI, style guides, and UX prototypes
  • Built the foundation components, templates, and services including video management while integrating analytics and personalization solutions
  • Responsive UI supporting desktop, tablet, and mobile
The Solution
The Benefit

The key benefits delivered include:

  • Reduced time to launch new products from 90-120 days to 30 days
  • Improved self-service capability resulting in 80% of customer queries via self-service
  • Automated backend processes resulting in 40% savings on operating expenditures
  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction leading to a viewership of two million customers
  • Increased authoring efficiency by managing web and mobile experiences from a single interface
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