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A leading American credit union reduces the cost per lead by 37% while transforming member experience

Leveraging Adobe Experience Cloud

The client’s varied technology landscape and siloed data led to a disjointed member experience which caused frustration for existing members. They made it difficult for the organization to acquire new ones.

Virtusa implemented Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC) to redesign the client’s web experience. The solution provided capabilities to orchestrate omnichannel, personalized content and messaging to members and prospects at the right time. It helped our client to tap into missed revenue opportunities by being relevant, data-driven, and scalable.

The Challenge

For a credit union, the key differentiator has always been to provide the best member experience possible. The changes in consumer behavior and increased competition from fintech players have led credit unions to improve their processes, reduce operational costs and modernize their digital ecosystem. And this can be done by equally empowering members and employees. Like most organizations, the legacy systems that our client had were not equipped to handle the below challenges:

  • Collecting high-quality data and then normalizing, interpreting, and managing it in real-time 
  • Breaking down silos 
  • Integrating member relationship management with marketing initiatives
  • Inconsistent brand management and a scattered technology landscape leading to high turnaround time for campaign and content launch
  • Fragmented member profile data resulting in inconsistent and irrelevant communications 
  • Limited self-service capabilities cause high call volumes 
  • Managing compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA 

The client was looking for a way to improve member experience and make consistent brand messaging across devices, thus, moving from a product-centric to a member-centric company.

The Solution

Virtusa helped the client implement AEC to take care of their needs. We helped them redesign their member experience and build digital marketing capabilities and workflows. Furthermore, we created a unified member profile to provide actionable insights and reports on their marketing investments.

AEC solution stack gave the member marketing and web teams the information they needed to organize, access, and personalize marketing content. It provided deep insights into what’s working with their members and the ability to consistently deliver the best experiences to members across channels.

Solution highlights:

  • Content management: Design and develop sites and authoring systems leveraging the latest web technologies while improving efficiency and standardization of the member experience using site templates.

  • Digital asset management: Centrally store, access, and manage digital assets (content), including cataloguing and annotating or tagging content for ingestion.

  • Application and data integration: Integrate multiple systems and sources of structured data to generate insights into individual member activities and customize future interactions.

  • Web analytics: Access, collect, analyze, and report on data for understanding and optimizing web usage across the member journey.

  • Personalization: Deliver consistent and personalized experiences powered by AI and machine learning along the member journey.

  • Unified profile: Aggregate data from first, second, and third-party sources for a holistic view of members across interactions.

  • Campaign management: Plan and execute multi-step, cross-channel campaigns from a single integrated platform.

  • Compliance: Achieve and maintain relevant security and privacy compliance standards.

AEM allowed the client teams to manage and churn out quality content at speed and scale. They could reduce the dependence on IT while Analytics enabled tracking of visitors and their interactions across multiple channels and devices. All this data flowed into AAM – which combined this data with data from other sources and allowed marketers to identify and create valuable member segments.

The information could then be pushed to destinations like Adobe Campaign, Adobe Target, and paid channels like social media platforms to target members and prospects with personalized communications. We also implemented a cookie policy using OneTrust that allows the client to comply with the latest privacy regulations, including GDPR and CCPA. 

The Benefit

Virtusa helped the credit union implement Adobe Marketing Cloud to deliver seamless digital experiences. They could replace static email campaigns with always-on, omnichannel digital campaigns. With real-time insights into the buyer journey, it has the marketing tools to acquire new members, retain existing members, and cross-sell products and services.

With the implementation of AEC, our client was able to drive superior results across the member lifecycle. It significantly improved their overall member experience which translated into a sharp increase in member acquisition and engagement metrics. The client also derived the below-mentioned benefits from the solution. 

37% cost savings per lead for native and display advertising channels

169% increase in mortgage conversions

39% reduction in bounce rates

36% increase in email clickthrough rate (QoQ)

44 % decrease in page load time

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