Seamless digital experience across connected devices with Virtusa Consumer Tech Lab


Maximizing customer retention with a seamless digital experience across applications has become a key differentiator in the mobile application testing market. However, customers can easily switch to alternate applications due to the plethora of options in consumer smartphones augmented by hundreds of device-browser-version combinations.

With Virtusa’s Consumer Tech Lab, you can reduce your cost of testing (TCO) while scaling your application’s adaptability for emerging technologies; most software development is spent on testing. 

Key Features

Virtusa offers a unified end-to-end mobile and web testing integration with Virtusa IPs to enable businesses to scale for dedicated and multi-tenant SaaS offerings.

The extended lab capabilities include:

  • Remote access to a multitude of devices and browser combinations
  • Emerging technologies such as 5G and Metaverse
  • Automation and APIs
  • Remote and secure central lab
  • Platform for innovation
Virtusa Consumer Tech Lab - Key Features
Key Benefits

With Virtusa’s tech lab value, your organization gets:

  • Up to 50% lower TCO
  • 25% faster release cycles
  • 30% quicker time-to-market
  • Dashboards reflecting insights into action
  • Secure and complete support with quality and coverage
  • Scalable platform for innovation on 5G, OTT, NFC, Metaverse

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