Smart Digital Banking

Optimize costs and drive customer engagement with Smart Digital Banking

Banking and financial services firms are looking to transform to reduce time to market, optimize IT costs, and enhance user experiences. As part of their transformation strategies, banks and financial services firms need a holistic solution that keeps the customer at the center through personalization, multi-channel service, and analytics.

Smart Digital Banking

Built on the open stack/commercial-off-the-shelf, Virtusa’s Smart Digital Banking solution offers a set of pre-configured digital banking accelerators that enables banks to rapidly create an immersive digital banking experience. The solution comes integrated with a wide range of leading cloud vendors and fintech providers, enabling clients to benefit from pre-integrated technologies.








Smart Digital Banking provides a vision for digital banking that combines transactional, personalized, and rich financial well-being experiences.

The solution help banks create value by offering their customers banking solutions that are tailored to their individual needs, behaviors, and patterns.

Built on the flexibility of the open source /commercial stack, the solution has a pre-configured “Bank-in-a-box” platform that is combined with Virtusa’s in-house accelerators to enable banks to rapidly create or transform digital banking experiences for retail/commercial banking and enhance customer value.

With Smart Digital Banking, your organization can realize a robust online and mobile banking experience in just 6 to 18 months.

Key benefits
  • A flexible, open, and adaptable software platform that delivers cutting-edge digital banking experiences.
  • A cloud-based digital solution, tailored to banking, that is designed to lower risk and increase value.
  • Speed and agility that meet the increasing needs of sophisticated customers and deliver exceptional customer loyalty and advocacy while meeting the regulatory needs of the industry.
  • An online marketplace consisting of plug-and-play solutions that have been converted into customer value propositions.
  • Community-driven innovation capabilities that lead to faster time to market for digital products and services.
  • Revolutionary new way to create new revenue streams by leveraging best breed of fintechs across the globe.
Key benefits

Success story

A leading American banking group wanted to enhance loan and mortgage experience through a single-page application that was integrated with complex, backend services. 

Virtusa’s implementation resulted in a cross-channel experience that resulted in a 45% increase in mobile channel adoption

Through the use of analytics, Virtusa helped personalize the customer experience which lead to a 30% boost in loan applications and optimized application processing by 50%.

Success story

One of the largest US banks was looking to reimagine its customer experience. With its extensive engineering expertise with data, analytics, and personalization, Virtusa helped its client better target ads and manage SEO by enhancing analytics capabilities. 

Additionally, the implementation provided integrated, responsive, and adaptive media capabilities and helped drive enterprise adoption of A/B testing. 

The result was a 22% increase in customer acquisition, significantly reduced operational expenses, and 100% compliance with accessibility regulations. 

Success story

A leading credit union was looking to build a scalable and responsive website with advanced digital and email marketing capabilities and digital application integration. 

Virtusa delivered a solution at a significantly reduced time to market for publishing new offers and enabled personalization and integrated services with credit cards, mortgage, and loan services processing that increased user visits by 20% on the web and 40% through mobile channels.

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