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Enterprises struggle to unlock the full potential of their digital investments in ServiceNow. Being a part of many IT operations architectures, the overall ServiceNow strategy for an organization needs to encompass forward thinking by bringing hyperautomation back to life.

Gartner defines it as an effective combination of complementary sets of tools that can integrate functional and process silos to automate and augment business processes.

As ServiceNow lies as the foundational element of this strategy, Virtusa designs and constructs an overall hyperautomation strategy composed of best-of-breed components from process design, mining, monitoring, and execution.

Virtusa’s ServiceNow capabilities powered by hyperautomation enables organizations to scale and innovate at speed. It also allows businesses to extract more value from their existing ServiceNow investments.

Besides improving customer experience and operation efficiencies, our platform also reduces process-related errors, eliminates repetitive tasks, establishes consistent workflows, and reduces resource costs.

ServiceNow Automation Solutions - Key Features
Key features

Virtusa drives platform maturity using its ServiceNow-focused capability and solution development for its clients. 

  • Process mining
  • Process design
  • Process construction
  • Process monitoring
  • Cloud provisioning
  • Event management
  • CMDB management
  • AI/ML-based predictive intelligence
  • User-experience driven service catalogs 
  • Reporting and analytics

Success story

US bank reduces operating cost by 50% by accelerating the ServiceNow platform

The client had a large intake of backlog, leading to high operational costs. Moreover, a large staff lacking broad knowledge of the system further hindered its inability to innovate.

Virtusa delivered services to manage the backlog, starting with a small team of ServiceNow practitioners. We evolved to a strategic partner to bring new capabilities and vision to the client through our journey—the client leveraged vAgentWorkspace, leading to a 50% reduction in service management operating costs.

Success story

Leading US hospitality company reduces operating cost by 30% with Virtusa’s ServiceNow extreme automation implementation

Despite internally designing and constructing ServiceNow, the client faced many architectural and design challenges that lead to high operational costs and low customer satisfaction.

Virtusa instantiated the ServiceNow team to refactor and disentangle the current system. We also conducted an OCM on end-user focus groups to obtain feedback on real-world usage. With our collaboration, the client’s backlog was reduced by 75%, while its operating costs were lowered by 30%. Moreover, its MTTR average was also reduced from ~5 days to 8 hours, leading to a significant uplift in client satisfaction.

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