Unlocking the full potential of a comprehensive enterprise platform

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, enterprises face numerous challenges in keeping up a comprehensive enterprise platform, creating a pressing need for businesses to leverage the capabilities of the Now platform. However, existing implementation and associated technical debts cause challenges in implementing and utilizing the platform that can hinder leveraging the full power of the platform. Furthermore, manual processes still heavily prevail in 61% of businesses, causing a significant loss in productivity by 35%.

Some of the common challenges businesses encounter include:

  • Three-fold slower time to market: Excessive time and financial resources spent due to dependencies on experts to maintain and align the evolving ServiceNow workflows causing delays.
  • Complexity: Complex customization hinders business satisfaction, CMDB optimization, suboptimal utilization of out-of-the-box features, and performance issues, adding maintenance costs.
  • Limited innovation: ServiceNow ecosystem without a clear path for upgrades, a stable baseline, and non-utilization of innovative functionalities can hinder organizational growth.
  • Efficiency: Inability to establish a consistent enterprise-wide automation interface, leading to difficulties prioritizing and monitoring automation opportunities.
  • Risk exposure: Lack of automation extends to risk and compliance controls, causing higher penalties and vulnerabilities across technology, operations, and business domains.

As businesses expect more from technology than ever, there is intense competition for talent, and relying solely on the available workforce for innovation through automation is not a sustainable strategy. These challenges necessitate a comprehensive solution to address the industry's pain points and empower enterprises to unlock the full potential of the Now platform.

Resolving real-world challenges across industries, domains, and products uniquely with ServiceNow

As a ServiceNow Elite Partner with over 25 years of experience focused on engineering and technology, Virtusa has earned the confidence of mission-critical businesses that rely on us for advisory, implementation, and managed services. Our Engineering First approach provides critical thinking to develop optimized ServiceNow-based solutions that reduce technical debt, increase longevity, and support platform evolution for organizations of different sizes and fits. 

  • Consulting-led approach: driving tangible business outcomes to achieve desired results

  • Platforming and agile techniques: accelerating time-to-value for quicker and more efficient deployments

  • Seamless collaboration: ready-to-deploy onshore and offshore teams follow an output-based model for collaboration and efficient delivery

  • Enhanced user experience: accelerators that combine automation, advanced platform capabilities, and human intervention

  • Self-service and self-healing capabilities: reduce incident resolution time, monthly incidents, and error rates

Virtusa's Enterprise Platforms reduced time to market for new capabilities, improved CMDB health, verticalized solutions, and higher overall customer satisfaction by addressing real-world challenges across industries, domains, and products, making us the go-to partner for ServiceNow solutions.


Virtusa engineering-first approach

Tailored solutions to drive efficiency and innovation

Virtusa's ServiceNow - Enterprise Platforms offer a range of specific solutions designed to address various business needs and challenges. Our solutions are tailored to automate risk and compliance monitoring, accelerate ServiceNow delivery, transform employee experiences, streamline operations through intelligent workflows, enhance security operations, and enable hyper-automation capabilities for scaling and innovation.

Automated risk and compliance

Monitor and reduce risk exposure with real-time visibility through ServiceNow.

Back to baseline

Accelerate ServiceNow delivery with our Back to Baseline solution.

Employee experience transformation

Elevate employee experience with a transformative approach.

Streamlining Operations

Optimization through intelligent workflows to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and achieve better outcomes


Gain real-time visibility into risk and governance across the enterprise.

ServiceNow hyper-automation

Scale and innovate at speed with Virtusa's ServiceNow capabilities powered by hyper-automation.

Unlock the full potential of the Now platform to drive your organization's success.

Experience the power of Virtusa's ServiceNow - Enterprise Platforms